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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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5 Adventure Sports to Try in Liwa Desert - Some Sand Fun for You

Speaking about adventures to do in the desert, you might think that there is not much. To know of the adventure sports to try in Liwa desert, read on.


A desert walk

This is the simplest activity you can get up to while in the Liwa desert as all you have to do is take a walk and enjoy what nature has to offer. If you are staying at a property the likes of Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara, it will be quite easy for you to arrange an Abu Dhabi desert tour with the help of your accommodation. A desert walk is definitely a fun activity to do with your loved one and your family. Depending on the time you want to spend out under the sunshine and on the sand, you can choose the length of the walk. You will also be able to choose different times of the day like the sunset and sunrise walks or the night walks and the full moon walks.


Try your hand at archery

The people of Liwa have a history that speaks of their amazing hunting skills, therefore, archery is considered to be one of the more popular sports. You will be able to find a variety of shooting ranges where you can try your hand at archery regardless of how inexperienced you are in this sport. Most of these facilities can be found near the other attractions of the desert. A session at the shooting range can last for about 2 hours and anybody over the age of 8 can participate in this.


Going on a camel ride

Known to be the ship and the main vessel of the desert land, getting up on a camel and enjoying a journey across the sands is something you definitely must-try during a holiday here. Camel trekking is a popular activity and much-loved excursion in Liwa. Again, you will be able to choose from different kinds of excursions that happen during different parts of the day. The sunset and the sunrise treks are the most popular in all of Arabia as these last for up to 2 hours with refreshment breaks in between and you can be assured that you will be met with some of the most amazing views of your lifetime.


Driving through the desert

For the fastest way to explore the desert, a desert drive is a must-try. You can choose from dune bashing or going on a desert safari. Both these activities cover ground pretty fast and you will be able to see more of the desert in less time. The guide will take you on a journey through the dunes of the desert and you will be able to stop at places for great photo opportunities. A good guide will also teach you about the ways of the desert and enhance your knowledge about it. Some of these drivers tend to go really fast and if you are into adventurous activities, you will definitely enjoy it.


Yoga in the desert

Imagine yourself seated on the warm ground of the desert while you look out at miles and miles of golden sand. If this image does not instantly relax you, doing yoga in the desert definitely will. This activity is something you will thank yourself for trying later as you will come away from it with an amazing mental, spiritual, and physical discipline.