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7 Amazing Things to do in Sri Lanka – A Land Like No Other Indeed!

The droplet in the Indian Ocean that has been pronounced the top tourist destination of the world for 2019 is never short of adventures, experiences or escapes. Find out what is to your tune here.


Visit Ancient Ruins

Sri Lanka has a documented history of over two and a half millennia and their ancestors have been tireless workers who set up fabulous cities, dug out reservoirs and tanks, built temples and magnificent palaces. Many generations later, royalty is not known of and only modest ruins remain to narrate the tales of the past. Hop in to a bus that plies to Anuradhapura, visit the eight most venerated temples, bathe at the lakes and continue your journey to Polonnaruwa, the second kingdom of the country. Visiting these two cities would require two to three days in the very least, one or two more will make it comfortable.


Pay Homage at the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic

The Dalada Perahera or the Kandy Procession as it is known worldwide, is the single most significant cultural event in the country. It is organized by the Dalada Maligawa or the Temple of the Tooth Relic, where Buddha’s tooth relics are enshrined and worshipped daily. The temple occupies the most prestigious location in the hill capital of Kandy and draws thousands of people daily. The ostentatious chamber within which the tooth relic lies cannot be entered by laymen and on certain days, a window is opened for viewing from the antechamber.


Ascend the World-Famous Rock Fortress

The carvings, the gardens curated on the rooftop, the murals and the splendid landscape and the shape of the rock fortress are renowned. Many a hotel Sigiriya Sri Lanka is built such that a glimpse of the lion rock is visible, and the Sigiriya Jungles is no exception. The climb should be done early in the morning before the massive rock heats up under the glistening sun. The entire expedition takes about two to three hours depending on how long you spend at the summit enjoying the view.


Surf in the Sun

Splurging in the water al day is possible in this tropical island which has a humid climate. The powdery beaches are generally clean and largely unspoiled. The trainers who wak you through surfing, kite surfing and diving are knowledgeable and take the trouble to make your experience a pleasant one.


Trek Through a Rainforest

Sinharaja, which is a world heritage forest reserve, welcomes trekkers almost throughout the year as long as there isn’t an abundance of rainfall. It is essential that you lock the services of a local guide who would show you different parts and paths of the reserve. They are fairly conversant in English and let you bathe at the waterfalls, help you climb the mounds within it and take you to a suitable little diner for a meal.


Taste the Delicacies

The food here is flavourful, aromatic and spicy; it is also unlike anything you have tasted anywhere else in the world. The main diet consists of rice and a number of accompaniments cooked in a thick coconut gravy. The best snacks are found in bakeries and patisseries in the form of rolls, patties, puff pastries, pies and vol – au –vents. If you hear a loud clanging of knives from a restaurant towards evening, be sure to stop by for a lip smacking koththu which consists of diced parata mixed with vegetables and whatever you like.


Relax, Meditate and Do Yoga

With a host of forests, hills, beaches and quiet recluses to choose from, it should not come as a surprise that meditation and yoga are popular here. Spa treatments and ayurvedic retreats are equally common where the local therapists bring to life ancient means of healing and curing to rejuvenate weary limbs and creaking bones. Indulge in these treats while in Sri Lanka, the paradise isle.

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