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Headline for Facts about Mozambique History, Geography and Climate – Mesmerising Mozambique
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Facts about Mozambique History, Geography and Climate – Mesmerising Mozambique

Mozambique is a southern African country that is blessed with many beautiful natural beaches but also a country with a rich history and culture.



According to history the Bantu people settled in Mozambique about 2000 years ago and set up the great Mwenemutapa Empire both in the centre and the south of the country. Soon they developed trading links with India, China, Persia and Arab countries. Due to the development of these trading links, Vasco de Gama landed in Mozambique in 1948 on his way to India. The Portuguese set up camp and exported Gold which was the main export at the time. Years later, ivory replaced gold and then sadly slaves became the most important commodity in the history of Mozambique. The suppression led to a backlash and after Portugal's Colonial rule in Mozambique's history was overthrown and development started to flourish in the country. A country that is now mainly run with democracy is finally developing with foreign aid and tourism. Many Mozambique resorts have been built with the encouragement of allowing people from other nationalities to come and explore the beauty of the country. Along the many islands that are located towards the east of Mozambique not too far from the coast, there are several colonial ruins that one can see when they visit the country.



Geographically Mozambique is quite a large country as it covers about 800,000 which is about three times the size of Great Britain. The country is located to the south-east of the African continent and it shares the border with several other countries including Swaziland and South Africa to the south, Zimbabwe to the west including Malawi, Zambia and Tanzania to the north. There is a vast coastline which is about 2500 kilometres long and is home to some stunning beaches, islands, reefs and lagoons. The country is home to over 25 rivers and the Zambezi River is the largest of them all. Mozambique is rich in mineral resources hence gold, emeralds, and copper is one of the main exports. The country is currently looking to develop through tourism as it is home to some naturally beautiful landscapes. Hotels and resorts such as Anantara Medjumbe Island Resort are able to treat their guests to a luxurious stay while they enjoy Mozambique to the best.



Mozambique is vastly known as a tropical country where you can be basking in the sun through most months of the year. Even with the winds blowing in the country has a warm and humid temperature that prevails throughout the year. The country is affected by two rainy seasons which are generally avoided by tourists as they wish to come to Mozambique to be able to enjoy the great outdoors and the mesmerising beaches. The northern part of Mozambique is quite often prone to tropical cyclones which threaten the wellbeing and development of the cities in that region. It is generally sunny throughout the year and since the country has not yet been flooded with an overwhelming number of tourists the prices are not that expensive and you can have a peaceful vacation if you go to Mozambique.