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Updated by Joanna James on Nov 06, 2019
Headline for Top Reasons to Visit Abu Dhabi on Your Next Vacation - Not like you need any!
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Top Reasons to Visit Abu Dhabi on Your Next Vacation - Not like you need any!

Amazing landscapes, sunny views, and an array of entertainment await you in Abu Dhabi. If this does not convince you, you really must read on.


Sunshine throughout the year

The recipe for a perfect vacation is definitely pleasant weather all year around. And Abu Dhabi has it ready for you. Regardless of which time of the year you travel, you will be welcomed with amazing weather and warm sunshine. And when the sunshine gets a bit too much for you, you can always find refuge at the air-conditioned Abu Dhabi resorts the likes of Desert Islands Resort & Spa by Anantara. Summer in Abu Dhabi is usually from June to July and the temperature reaches a scorching 40 degrees even. At this time, it is better to stay indoors and have all your activities planned out for the evening or early morning.


Apt for all types of travellers

Along with two enormous theme parks for group and family travellers, Abu Dhabi has a whole lot of other things to do. Youngsters will fall in love with the thrill that the roller coaster rides provide while the older ones can splash about in the water to cool off after all the rides.


The Corniche beach

The clear waters of Corniche Beach make for an amazing hangout spot. The corniche is a mind-blowing stretch of the marine front that provides a view of the deep blue sea. Seated here, you will think you are at some private resort in a tropical country and not in Abu Dhabi. The corniche is a favourite among both locals and the tourists who visit Abu Dhabi. The beach itself has 3 different zones, one for couples, one for singles and the final one just for the children. This might be quite an odd thing to do if you are new here, but this is a great idea and you will know why once you hang out there. There are quite a few native attractions along this stretch and they are worth exploring while you spend the day here too.


The Moreeb Sand Dune

When you are at the said place you will feel quite tiny while you stand next to this humongous sand dune. Because of this, the attraction is fascinating and at the same time terrifying if you imagine yourself stuck here during a sand storm. If you are in a mood for an adventure or some thrilling activities while in Abu Dhabi you can rent a buggy at one of the local sports centres and take a ride here.


Luxury shopping and living

One of the main things Abu Dhabi is known for is how luxurious it is. From the glittery shopping malls to amazing restaurants and high-class hotels, this place is the best holiday destination if you want to pamper yourself. Though not everyone travels to Abu Dhabi with luxury in mind you can still have a little bit of the taste while you are here if you are not willing to spend too much.


The wildlife at Sir Bani Yas Island

With more than 12,000 animals and other kinds of living things that can be found in the reserve on this island you have much to explore in terms of wildlife when in Abu Dhabi. Found just off the coast, most of the animals here are native to the area and are brought up in an environment of conservation before they are let out into the wild. Visitors can also enjoy safaris and rides around the reserve.