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Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Seychelles – The ideal romantic escapade

Seychelles is a true paradise waiting to be discovered. Pure white sandy beaches surrounded by crystal clear warm waters of the Indian Ocean, the islands in Seychelles are secluded and breath-taking. An ideal destination for a romantic getaway.



Seychelles is great for snorkelling with plenty to discover. You can head to Coco Island to explore many coral reefs and swim with giant turtles. Diving can be just as fun with over 1000 species of fish, some found nowhere else on earth.


Island hopping

All you will need is to hire a boat to explore the many gorgeous islands of Seychelles. The locals are experts at carefully veering around island reefs. You can sit back, relax and take in the balmy breezes of the Indian Ocean while cruising from one island to another. Praslin Island has an art gallery, casino, and museum, as well as the largest nut in the world; coco de mer. There is a lot to explore in Praslin, staying on the island will be a wonderful option as well. There are many popular Seychelles resorts located in Praslin, such as the Berjaya Praslin Resort. Aride Island has a nature reserve for birds with many endangered species. Cerf Island has beautiful beaches perfect for long walks and romantic picnics.



Hike to the highest point in Seychelles in Mahe to experience magnificent views of the surrounding islands. Another interesting trek is to the forest reserve Vallee de Mai, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Explore and discover the lush reserve and the many species that make it their home.


Private Beaches

The private beaches in Seychelles are perfect if you want an intimate beach experience. In Anse La Mouche algae in the waters creates a bio-luminance that makes the organism in the water glow in the dark. Swimming at night to this effect will be an almost mystical experience. Bombe Bay is another great beach to explore; it can be accessed by foot or bike and rarely crowded where breath-taking sights await you.


Local Cuisine

Seychelles has a unique food scene influenced by African, British, Indian, French and Chinese cultures. The liberal use of spices such as lemongrass, ginger, coriander, tamarind, and coconut milk curries are popular throughout the islands. Seafood, in particular, is fresh and a staple in their meals. Grilled fish, octopus curry, grilled breadfruit, ripe plantains cooked in coconut milk and spices (ladob), dahl, and saffron rice are among many famous dishes to be found. Food festivals held several times a year especially in Mahe is a good opportunity to immerse in all the local delicacies.



The 115 islands of Seychelles are blessed with unique wildlife. The majority of the islands have remained uninhabited since the 1600s. Thus animals have thrived with no development obstructing their growth. There are many great reserves to explore the natural primal beauty of the islands. Hawksbill turtles, magpie robin, and the famous giant Aldabra tortoises are a sight to behold.