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Headline for Top Water Sports to Do in Seychelles - Discover adventure amidst the serenity of Seychelles
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Top Water Sports to Do in Seychelles - Discover adventure amidst the serenity of Seychelles

With over 115 islands and crystal clear beaches surrounding them, water sports are a top attraction that draws many travellers from around the world to beautiful Seychelles.


Scuba Diving

Seychelles is famous for scuba diving and one of the most popular activities when in the islands. There are many great diving sites to visit, Desroches Islands, South Marianne Island, Brissare Rocks of Beau Vallon, St Anne's National Park, Aride Island, Ennerdale Wreck are a few among many others. The best time for diving is usually between April to November.



Snorkelling is one of the best experiences in Seychelles as these islands are blessed with a rich marine life. There are many fish species unique to the islands, such as blue-spotted grouper, the white-spotted box-fish, green bird mouth, and numerous species of moray eels. The abundant coral life is another reason that makes snorkelling so amazing in Seychelles. The best snorkelling spots can be found at Beau Vallon Bay, Baie Ternay, Sainte-Anne Ternay, Port Launay. Anse Lazio Beach in Praslin is a particularly popular spot for diving; many hotels and resorts such as the Berjaya Praslin Resort will arrange diving excursions for their guests. The best time for snorkelling is from October to January.



Given the pleasant climate in Seychelles, sailing is a popular water sport and is best enjoyed from December to March and May to September. Sailing is usually done on the inner islands to risk damaging delicate coral reefs on the outer islands. You can explore the many caves and inlets around the islands. The best sailing spots include Cerf Islands, La Digue Island, Praslin, and St Anne Marine National Park. Hotels will arrange guided sailing tours to discover all the hidden nooks and corners in the islands.



Kayaking is perhaps the most environmentally friendly of all water sports in Seychelles. You can breathe in the glorious fresh air and fully immerse yourself in the beautiful open spaces of these magnificent islands. Verdant mangroves and mysterious coves are waiting for you to be discovered. The best time for kayaking is between April to May and October to November, and the best spots include Port Launay in Mahe, Round Island to Moyenne Island, Takamaka in Mahe, and Au Cap in Praslin among many others.



Though Seychelles is not a renowned surfing destination among surfers it can certainly be enjoyed here nonetheless. Be it longboard or shortboard a surfer can have a great time riding the waves of these crystal clear blue waters. The waves are calmer around the beaches of the islands and the perfect opportunity for a novice to master the water sport. Surfing lessons can be found in areas surrounding the more popular beaches. The best months to surf are from October to December, and the best surfing spots can be found in Anse Lazio in Praslin, Anse Gaulette, Anse Patate in La Digue, Ans Forbans, and Grand Anse Beach in particular.