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07 Facts You Didn’t Know About The Philippines - Seven Interesting Facts on the Philippines

As one of Asia's premier holiday hubs, the Philippines is a dream destination for many a traveller. Here are seven fascinating facts most tourists may not know about the dynamic country.


It's Home to Six UNESCO World Heritage Sites

For a country of its size, the Philippines is home to a whopping 6 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This includes the ancient town of Vigan which is located on the shores of the Abra River in Luzon. The Puerto-Princesa Subterranean River National Park, Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park, the Philippine Cordilleras Rice Terraces and the Mount Hamiguitan Range Wildlife Sanctuary make up the other heritage hubs that are found in the country.


It's Beauty Queen Central

While those who do not keep up with the world's top four international beauty contests may not be aware of it, the Philippines is globally renowned for producing a large number of beauty queens. Having secured the crown at the prestigious Miss Universe competition three times, a Philippine beauty also secured a Miss World title in 2013. Having won the Miss International title a record six times, the country's representative also won the Miss Earth crown four times with the most recent winner in 2017.


Killing Turtles is Illegal

Witnessing sea turtles laying their eggs and releasing hatchlings into the ocean are prized activities in the Philippines which values these endangered species facing extinction. This is why killing or purchasing products made from sea turtles is a punishable offence in the country. The legal ramifications for this offence are serious and tourists should refrain from buying by-products made using sea turtles at all cost.


The Beach was Based on Experiences in the Philippines

Although most travellers are aware of the iconic beach in Thailand where the Hollywood blockbuster starring Leonardo DiCaprio was filmed, few know that the book on which the film The Beach is based is inspired by the author's experiences in the Philippines. The events described in the book, as well as the film, refer to El Nido island in the Philippines. Writer Alex Garland vacationed in the island which was a backpacker's haven before penning his cult favourite novel which spawned the movie.


It's Got a Lot of Coconuts

Producing an impressive 153,532,000 tonnes of coconuts annually, the Philippines also has the honour of being the globe's second-biggest producer of coconut. Exporting the precious commodity to countries around the world the country is only second to Indonesia, the largest producer of coconuts. Some of the main coconut plantations in the country include the Eastern Visayas as well as Southern Mindanao.


It has its Own Kardashians

America's first family in terms of reality TV are the Kardashians and the Philippines has its own version of the excessively wealthy clan of misfits in the Gutierrez family. A showbiz family like no other, the show follows the lives of former beauty pageant winner Ruffa and her siblings.


World War II Hit the Country Hard

The Second World War had a grave impact on cities around the world including Hiroshima and Warsaw but the Philippines also suffered greatly due to the US military base located in the country at the time. Bombed a mere 9 hours after the attack on Pearl Harbour, the remnants of the war's impact can be explored on walking tour around Makati. Those based at Berjaya Hotels and Resorts in the capital or any other hotels in Makati can sign up for a tour.