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Updated by Joanna James on Nov 06, 2019
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10 Mistakes People Make on their First Trip to Bangkok – Getting your First Bangkok Visit Right

Everybody makes mistakes if it's their first time doing something, the same is true when it comes to travelling in a city like Bangkok. But if you know what those mistakes are, you can avoid them.


Not having a proper grasp about traffic

Traffic in Bangkok can really test your patience. One mistake many first-timers make is underestimating the monstrous traffic in this city. You really should calculate traffic time into your schedule if you are to properly plan your day. Rush hours can really kill the positive vibe of your trip, not to mention the time you'll be spending travelling from the airport to your hotel room. It's quite insane, and you should prepare yourself for that.


Underestimating the heat

Naturally, you want to work on your tan if you are holidaying in a tropical city like Bangkok. If you are from a country where there's a consistently mild climate, you shouldn't jump right into lounging by the pool in the afternoon. It could damage your skin – instead of having a nice tan, you'd end up suffering from sunburns. On your first day, lather yourself in sun lotion before heading out. Start lounging in the morning and slowly work your way up to lounging in the afternoon.


Choosing the wrong place

Don't make the mistake of booking a hotel in the wrong area. With a myriad of options, it isn't difficult finding a hotel Bangkok Sathorn that would suit your needs. Bangkok is a city that's vast and congested, and you really don't want to book a hotel that's too far away from city highlights, not when you have the likes of Chatrium Residence Sathon Bangkok.


Packing too much

Ladies, listen up, you don't need your whole wardrobe to spend a week or two in Bangkok, besides you need room in your luggage for the new clothes you are going to buy. Just pack a couple of tops and jeans, everything else can be bought from the many markets in Bangkok.


Overlooking the use of a local sim card

You might be able to use your sim in other countries, but the international roaming charges could cost you a lot. So, buy a Thai sim to use for the duration of your holiday.


Not spending enough time in the city

Heading off to beaches is tempting, but try to save that for later. You should give yourself enough time to explore markets, shopping malls and on top of all, the nightlife in Bangkok – all of which cannot be done in a day.


Fall prey for bad exchange rates

Since this is your first-time visit, you might be of the idea you need to have as much cash as you can possibly have. But it's not the most sensible way of looking at it. The exchange rate that your country's going to offer is never really great in comparison to what you can get in Bangkok. Besides, you don't need a lot of cash, credit and debit cards are widely accepted in the city. So, don't be in a hurry to convert all your money into Thai Bhat.


Not getting insurance sorted

Travel insurance is something many travellers overlook, sadly most tourists don't comprehend the importance of having travel insurance. Don't make the same mistake, and understand the utmost importance of having travel insurance.


Not seeking the authentic Bangkok experience

Many tourists keep to western eateries and a few shopping malls, which is a mistake. You are in a foreign city, and you should make the most of it – without sticking to what you are already used to, try to explore night markets and food streets.


Not haggling

This is a necessary skill if you want to get a reasonable price for what you want to buy. Bargaining is not optional, but bargaining too much is not a good idea either.