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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
Headline for 6 Must-Eat Food in Bangkok - The Curries, Meats and Soups of the Thai Cuisine!
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6 Must-Eat Food in Bangkok - The Curries, Meats and Soups of the Thai Cuisine!

Thai cuisine is best experienced in the country of its birth. If you are travelling to Bangkok any time soon, make sure to try these delicious items.


Gang Som Pak Ruam

The Thai cuisine is popular for its sweet, spicy and sour dishes. If that's the case, why not have a blend of all three? For this, you will have to try the mouth-watering Gang Som Pak Ruam. With a bowl of this soup, one will be served with a broth containing green beans, cabbages, and carrots. Sometimes the soup is served with fried omelettes and green vegetable leaves called the cha om.


Gang Keow Wan

Asian cuisines boast of flavourful curries. The highlight curry dish of the Thai cuisine is the Thai green curry. The dishes meticulously prepared with coconut milk, green curry paste, chicken, bamboo shoots, Thai eggplant, Thai basil with some flavourful roots and herbs like lemongrass and lime leaves. The combination of all of these ingredients makes this curry very popular among the locals and the tourists alike. This curry is bound to tantalise your taste buds. Besides, you need to try these dishes in reputed restaurants in Bangkok for the ultimate meal. Authentic meals are served in properties like Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok.


Panang Gai

We had a brief look into what the Thai Green curry paste could cook up. How about the red curry paste? This paste is incorporated in chicken with plenty of rich coconut cream, which brings about a delicious red spicy chicken curry. On top of the curry, chefs usually sprinkle the dish with finely chopped kaffir leaves. The dish can be tasted with rice or roti.


Gang Massaman

This is a curry that originated from the South. This sweet curry – has a strong flavour of peanuts and hints of cinnamon and nutmeg. The addition of coconut milk makes it absolutely delicious. The Massaman is made with chicken and roughly chopped potatoes. This curry is best consumed with rice which makes it a wholesome meal.


Gai Pad Pongali

This is another curry that can make your mouth water. So, what can you expect with this dish? Well, how about some chicken, tomatoes, peppers and onions brought together in a single dish. The dish boasts of exquisite flavours. An egg is cracked right into the dish during its preparation, which gets curdled and makes the curry rich in texture. With a handful of parsley leaves added to boost the flavours, you cannot ask for more.


Gang Jued

If you're looking into the healthy food of the Thai cuisine, the Gang Jued comes to mind. So, what can you expect with the order of the Gang Jued? Well, you will encounter a clear soup that contains a mixture of vegetables, some tofu and minced pork, and glass noodles with fresh parsley for garnishing. The different vegetables that are added to the dish make it nutritious and very healthy. Typically, the locals have this dish frequently and it is a healthy source of many nutrients you require on a daily basis.