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Updated by bloju4502 on Oct 26, 2019
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5 Top Tesla Accessories

As great as the Model 3 is, it is not ideal (no automobile is for this matter). Luckily, the prevalence of the Model 3 (and quite honestly, other Tesla automobiles too ) has encouraged heaps of aftermarket suppliers to make all kinds of custom accessories for the Model 3.



1) Wireless Charging Pad

What is up with not having a wireless mobile charging pad regular? I Mean my dad's Honda Accord came charging pad. Sure, Tesla recently announced it would shortly be selling just one as an accessory for $125, but seriously, a wireless charging pad should not be an add-on to its Model 3. Unfortunately, it is, therefore this is probably the very first accessory most Model 3 owners are going to want to get.


2) A USB Drive For TeslaCam and Sentry Mode

You've all seen Sentry Mode videos capturing unscrupulous Men and Women Keying Model 3s in parking lots, and the crazy footage of wild accidents listed on Model 3 dashcams (TeslaCam). Well, in order to access the video, Model 3 owners need to get MicroSD and a drive.


3) Center Screen Screen Protector

The Model 3's centre display screen is the focal point of the interior, and it's something that you'll interact with every time you push the vehicle. You'll certainly need to protect the screen. Custom fit screen protectors to your Model 3 can be found for as little as $12, so pick yourself up one, and keep that center screen looking like new.


4) Glass Roof Sunshades

One of the features on the Model 3 is its own glass roof. It is Especially cool-looking once you're looking down in the car from over. But what's not cool is the head when you are driving in direct sunlight.


5) Center Console Wrap

This probably shouldn't be mandatory, but sadly, it is. I say That because Tesla simply used a different material and should have realized that the glistening Piano Black centre console of the Model 3 would show smudges and fingerprints like crazy.