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Things to Do in Kowloon - A Treat in Hong Kong

Kowloon, which means nine dragons, used to be a quiet fishing village during the British rule. Today, it has metamorphosed in to a busy urban region with tourist attractions, business centres and shopping districts.


Visit the Avenue of Stars

The waterfront walkway by the Victoria Harbour is decorated with the figurines of Hong Kong’s film stars. Both by day and night, the Avenue of Stars is a scintillating site. Bruce Lee stands in a kung fu stance and by him is Jackie Chan and a host of others who have contributed to the silver screen of Hong Kong.


Ride the Star Ferry

The pristine waters of the Victoria Harbour welcome not only vessels but also curious tourists. Pay with the Octopus card that you use for the MTR and take a ride at any time you wish. Though there is a railway line and a tunnel to cross the bay, locals continue to use the ferry to commute between Kowloon and Hong Kong Island and tourists join to enjoy the rhythmic chug over the ripples.


Feast Your Eyes Atop the ICC

Not far from the Tsim sha Tsui hotels is the towering structure known as the ICC or International Commercial Centre. While most of the multistoried building is used as office space, there are several areas dedicated for visitors and tourists. The viewing deck on the 100th floor offers scintillating sceneries over the waters, far in to the horizon and across the land.


Munch and Quench Your Thirst

The home of egg waffles and bubble tea, a flavoured iced tea with tapioca balls floating about in it are two you must not miss while roaming around. Most intersections, malls and bazaars will have Hong Kong and Mongkok food and drink served just the way the locals like them. Pick them up as you walk to the pier to cross the Kowloon Bay passing Travelodge Kowloon to visit the ICC and Victoria Peak.


Climb Victoria Peak

Some choose to trek up, others get a taxi and a few use the railway line that conveys people up the slopes of the peak that is known as Victoria. While the destination is key, the journey can add colour to the experience. The views over the Victoria Harbour are what fascinate visitors the most. The lush greenery that is maintained is commendable, especially considering that this hill is located literally in the city limits close to Travelodge Kowloon.


Take a Sneak Peak of the Past

The style, grandeur and advanced ways of doing things in Hong Kong are reflected in the simplest of places. The museum is one such place where historical episodes have been converted in to stories, where education has been made fun, where architecture is used as a tool to showcase their rich heritage and technology and where artifacts have been given due prominence. Spend a half day or even a full day at the Hong Kong Museum in Kowloon and you will soon realize how they have won the envy of the world in such a short time.

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