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Benefits of living in Colombo Sri Lanka – Some insight into Colombo city life

Colombo is a developing city. There can be both disadvantages and advantages. However, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, and here's why you should consider living in the city of Colombo.


Workforce Advantage

Are you planning to start a business in Sri Lanka? Well, you should consider doing so in Colombo. An investor seeking opportunities in Colombo has the workforce advantage. The city is cost-competitive compared to other destinations, and the upward wage pressure is rather low. The city also has quite a large workforce which include entry-level individuals who seek employment right after school.


Accommodation options

As an emerging tourist destination and a dynamic metropolis, Colombo features a vast range of Colombo hotels. Whether it is a short stay or an extended stay, all-in-one hotel complexes like Cinnamon Life Colombo ensure that the city isn't found wanting in terms of accommodation.


Healthcare in Colombo

There was an uproar in the last century in terms of Sri Lankan healthcare, and the availability of healthcare services has been increased. As a result, now the city features some of the best health care facilities – high-quality healthcare services are provided free to residents. Colombo has become one of the few cities in the region, which can boast sophisticated health care facilities. Teaching hospitals are widespread in the city, which is facilitated by high standard laboratories and radiology. Emergency cases will be diverted to general hospitals in the city, and they feature the same high standard facilities. The hospitals are thoroughly fortified by qualified doctors and nurses. In addition to hospitals funded by the government, there are also private hospitals that provide patients with more comfortable and luxurious service – although they could cost you a fortune. If you'd like the private healthcare services available to you without having to spend a lot, get yourself an international health insurance policy.



You don't hear a lot about violent crimes in Colombo, and if you are a foreigner, crimes against you are almost unheard of. There are police officers who are present all over the city, making sure that the security is tight. Once you are in this city, you'll also see many checkpoints flanking the streets of Colombo. You can easily reach out to the police if something is amiss, and the emergency number is 119. There can be petty crimes like credit card fraudulent activities; therefore, using cash is advisable.


Leisure activities and culture

If you explore the streets of the city that are crowded by people and small shops, you'll see buildings among them that boast great architecture which go back hundreds of years. There are also many shopping malls where you can buy clothes at reasonable prices. If you are eager to learn a bit about the country's culture and history, you can do so by visiting the National Museum. The museum was founded in 1877 and is now celebrated as the most important site of the country's preserved history. An ancient statue of Buddha is placed at the entrance of the museum building, which is the starting point of a journey through history. Inside the museum, you will find a myriad of artefacts confirming the glory of Sri Lanka's past.

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