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Updated by Joanna James on Oct 24, 2019
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4 Reasons to rent a car on vacation – It’s not all about bringing down the cost

Renting a car is easy, but you may ask, did you forget the cost factor? You are right of course, why would you want to spend money on transport when you can use it for leisure, right? Here's why.



When you are in a strange country, you should really think about getting things done the easy way. For instance, if you decide to use public transport, it could be more challenging than you think, because your geographical knowledge of the place might be nil, and you don't rightly know how the public transport system works – would you know how vans & busses in Sri Lanka work? Many would say no. Let's say you are coming down to Sri Lanka; it's always deemed to be the better option to go for a service like Carsons Rent a Car Sri Lanka. If you rent a car, you could cover more places than you would otherwise be able to, and you'd thank yourself that you did so.


The cost

Renting a car is costlier than using public transport. However, if you get together with fellow travellers, you can always bring down the cost. Likewise, if you are travelling with your family, you can share the cost among family members. So, in the case where you travel with a group, renting a car is the more sensible and economical choice. Also, in case you are travelling with kids, public transport is not really an option.


Explore more places

Most car rental services include GPS. This is important to you for two reasons; the first one is that it is difficult for you to find your whereabouts in a foreign country, and the second reason is, you might be able to explore places that people don't really think of exploring. You can do this without the fear of getting lost – for example, you can explore rural villages and less touristy sites if you don't have to worry about time or not being able to find your way back – exploring these places can give you some insight into the local life and the general demeanour of people and the country. So, do not hesitate to go for a car rental service and explore more land area than you usually would.



If you have to choose between cost and comfort, many will choose cost, but there are moments when you have to choose comfort over money. Public transport is a messy affair, and if you are a tourist, it's even more so. So, on your next vacation, forget about how much you'll have to spend on transport and how you can use that money for something else, and go for a car rental service. You are going to give thanks later, and if your kids are going to accompany you, they are going to appreciate the gesture. When you look back, you'd be glad that you were sensible enough to do so.

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