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Magic of Next-Generation Technologies

Biometrics technology has been gaining more and more popularity and offering numerous merits to diverse domains.

5 Things You Need to Know About Biometrics Technology - Mantra Blog

We are aware of the fact that biometrics is perhaps the future of human identification & authentication. ut, various other facts and aspects of the next-generation biometric technology are still not known.

5 Convincing Reasons Facial Recognition is Here to Stay

Facial recognition is essentially a way to recognize a person’s facial features through technology. Here are some reasons that show exactly why this new technology is not going anywhere, anytime soon.

5 Benefits Of IRIS Recognition Technology

IRIS Recognition Technology is receiving much recognition owing to a high degree of operational reliability, & recording a uniform individual’s IRIS pattern

Top 5 Applications of Facial Recognition Technology - Mantra Blog

The facial recognition technology is gaining much recognition worldwide, as it finds applicability in versatile fields of activity ranging from smartphone access locks to protecting public events.

Biometric Technology For Seamless Boarding At Airports

Biometric technology is radically transforming the passenger experience at airports, making it not only quicker but also less stressful and more secure.

5 Applications of Biometrics in Banking Sector

Adoption of biometrics in banking sector redefines the modern banking services with these top 5 banking applications of biometrics.

10 benefits of biometric payment Cards you need to know

Biometric payment cards will be compatible with existing payment terminals. Here you can know about the 10 top most benefit of Biometric payment cards.

How Biometric Technology is Securing the Indian Digital Wallet

Biometric-based digital wallet allow the consumers to carry out instant, secure and reliable online payment without any need for cash or plastic cards.

Biometrics in Human Resource Management System

Human Resource Management System utilizing biometrics technology offers a real-time solution to the HR managers. Contact us to know more

Biometric Technology Revolutionizing the Air Travel Experience

Biometric technology is gaining a lot of popularity in the air travel industry by offering a secure, time-saving, and seamless identification & authentication security solutions.

10 Unexplored Uses of Facial Recognition You Might Not Know

With technological advancements, the use of facial recognition technology has much popular. Know some of the surprising applications of face recognition technology.

How Facial Recognition System Helps Law Enforcement to Fight Crime?

Face recognition systemsassists the law enforcement bodies to enhance the surveillance & monitoring, this biometric technology enhances the public safety

How does biometrics impact the banking and financial service industry?

Biometric technology is utilized in banking and financial industry to streamlining the payment and transaction processes with enhanced security.

The cost of installing a biometric time attendance system

Biometric time attendance system's cost varies depending on the size of the business. Have a look at the price guide of implementing biometric hardware & software.

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Biometric technology emerges as a reliable, robust, and efficient solution for transparent & efficient monitoring of the mid-day meal (MDM) schemes/programs in the educational institution around the globe.

Top 8 Biometric Technology Innovations in 2019

Innovation in biometric technology helped many industries in bringing security transformation at an accelerated pace in 2019

Biometric Based Voting System

Biometric voting system manifests secure, fast, and accurate voter authentication to maintain integrity and creditability of the electoral process.

Best Biometric Attendance Management System

Biometric Attendance Management System allows managers to track employees working hours accurately and efficiently. Since there is such a wide range of attendance management systems in the market in 2020, we have come up with top 6 biometric attendance systems.