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A Complete guide to Power BI

Install Power BI on your machine now & get started with Power BI today.

Creating and Using Measures in Power BI - A Complete Learning! - DataFlair

With Power BI measures tutorial, learn to create measure in Power BI desktop and use of measure in report, slicer and measure. Measures are those extras in Power BI which strengthens reporting capabilities even more.

Power BI vs SSRS - Choose the best tool for fulfilling your requirements! - DataFlair

Power BI vs SSRS - Find out the difference between Power BI and SSRS on the basis of different parameters. Also, learn about the working & features of both the tools.

Power BI Slicers - A Complete Tutorial to learn from Scratch! - DataFlair

With Power BI Slicers Tutorial, explore the need for using slicer, steps to create slicer in Power BI desktop, formatting the slicer and limitations of it.

Understand Power BI Filters to take your business to next level! - DataFlair

With Power BI Filters tutorial, learn types of filters, adding filter in Power BI desktop, new filter pane experience & adding filter in Power BI workspace.

Advanced Power BI Interview Questions and Answers [2019] - DataFlair

Searching for the top Power BI interview questions and answers? Check out the detailed guide on Power BI technical interview questions explained in a reader-friendly language.

Top Power BI Interview questions - Door to Crack your Power BI Interview [2019] - DataFlair

With these Power BI interview questions and answers, take your interview preparation to next level and master the Power BI suite of various tools.

Custom Visuals in Power BI - Hunt various Ways & Steps to Import them! - DataFlair

Custom visuals is the most attractive feature offered by Power BI. Learn types of custom visuals & ways in which you can add & use custom visuals to make Power BI reports.

DAX in Power BI - Functions you need to be Aware Of!! - DataFlair

Check out the importance of DAX in Power BI, DAX formula syntax, calculation types, its functions, and process to create measure formula using DAX.

Incredibly Easy Method to Create Power BI Dashboard - Best Tutorial Ever! - DataFlair

With Power BI Dashboard Tutorial, learn concept of Power BI Dashboard, process to create dashboard in Power BI & difference between dashboard and report.

Get Started with Power BI Desktop in 10 Minutes! - A Comprehensive Guide - DataFlair

Power BI Desktop tutorial covers its benefits, installtion process, functions and uses and features of Power BI Desktop (April 2019 version). Don't miss it!

Pros and Cons of Power BI - The Bright & the Dull side of visualization suite - DataFlair

Weigh the Pros and Cons of Power BI and compare it with other tools on different parameters like cost, updates, data connectivity & accessibility. The advantages & disadvantages of Power BI will help you to explore good & bad side of the tool.

Power BI Report Server - An Informative Guide for Beginners! - DataFlair

Explore the Power BI Report Server tutorial to understand its working, latest features, installation, architecture and components. Power BI Report Server is an on-premises report server that is used to host reports in PBI.

Power BI Gateway - A Complete Guide covering all the major aspects - DataFlair

Learn about Power BI Gateway with its types, architecture, usage, installation process, adding data source for gateway, gateway connection set up to dataset & Power BI Gateway troubleshooting.

Power BI Career Opportunities - Grab the best one for you! - DataFlair

Planning to make a career in Power BI? Then, explore the various job roles with their educational requirements, career trends in India, UK & USA and lucrative career opportunities & future of Power BI.

Power BI Case Study - How the tool reduced hassles of Heathrow & Edsby - DataFlair

Power BI Case Study - Learn about the importance and implementation of Power BI in three industries; GE Healthcare, Heathrow and Edsby. Also, explore the challenges faced by companies & the change brought by Power BI tool.

Power BI Tutorial - A Complete Guide on Introduction to Power BI - DataFlair

Microsoft Power BI Tutorial for beginners - What is Power BI, Why Power BI learn, Advantages, History, Strength, tools,disadvantages,Cost, price of power BI

Power BI Architecture - 7 Components Explained with Working - DataFlair

Learn about the Power BI architecture with its components, working and Power BI service along with its working. Power BI has the get data feature using which you can connect to different kinds of data sources like files, on-premise or on-cloud databases, direct connections.

Microsoft Power BI Features - Reasons Why Power BI is a Leader in its Field! - DataFlair

Check out the key features of Power BI that makes it efficient and user-friendly tool for data analysis. The features are the reasons why Power BI is a leader amongst other BI tools.

Best Power BI Books - Sneak into Power BI & get a deep understanding! - DataFlair

Searching for best Power BI books? Your search ends here. Check out the most informative & useful books to learn Microsoft Power BI & master the analytics service.

Roles of Power BI Developer - Make your Vision clear & upgrade your Skills! - DataFlair

Want to become a Power BI developer? Then explore the basic requirements and roles and responsibilities of Power BI developer & check if you fit in the profession.