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Headline for Life's most interesting moments - a collection of interesting stories about all aspects of life.
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Life's most interesting moments - a collection of interesting stories about all aspects of life.

A collection of stories about the most interesting, funny and awkward moments in peoples lives.

What is the most embarrassing experience you’ve had involving your private parts? - Quora

I've had three such embarrassments. The first was at a medical clinic. I had ringworm on my foot and had to go in to get some antifungal cream. A female EMT student in her street clothing was with the doctor. I had graduated from an EMT school myself so I shouldn't have been embarrassed in front of her as I understood she is a serious student learning her craft. But at the time I didn't know what ringworm was so I had to be examined. After I showed the doctor my foot I had to pull down my pants and underwear to expose something on my leg. It turns out it was part of the ringworm fungus. As ...

What was the most inappropriate thing you watched as a child, that your parents were okay with? - Quora

A neighbor family that consisted of a father, mother, and two pre teen daughters would regularly go out in their backyard in the summer dressed only in their underwear, the girls often playing in the sprinkler while their parents watched from the patio. As the yard was shielded from the other houses by tall hedges, my parents didn't really seem to care what the family did while in the privacy of their yard as any other time they'd be properly clothed.

What was the one toy you always wanted but never had gotten as a child? Did you manage to get it when you grew up? - ...

“…hunt sunken treasures in pirate waters and explore the strange and mysterious ocean floor! …easy assembly instructions”

What are you banned from? Why? - Quora

For those of you not aware, the Internet Movie Firearms Database is a wiki-style website which documents firearms usage in live action films, television, video games, and anime (but not Western animation, because the admins are super salty; more on that later). I joined the site in….2012, I think, or somewhere in there, and mainly used it as a learning experience. It’s great to see rare or odd weapons from old movies and learn about how they function.

Have you ever had a lemonade stand shut down by a police officer? - Quora

I was 7 yrs old and new in town. Teased and bullied for being so poor and wearing ill-fitting “freebies” clothes from another era.