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Refractory Bricks

RS Refractory Manufacturer is selling all kinds of refractory bricks for the thermal furnaces.

Carbon Bricks - Cheap Refractory Fire Brick For Sale Supplier

Carbon bricks, carbon mass fraction of 88% - 90%, is resistant to erosion by molten metal & slags, Easily oxidized, Used to blast furnace bottom and hearth.

Magnesia Carbon Brick for Ladle - Quality RS Refractory Supplier

Magnesia Carbon Brick for Ladle uses high-purity, high-density fused magnesia or large-crystalline fused magnesia, high-purity graphite as the main raw m...

Кирпич углерода магнезии для ковша

Магнезия углерода кирпич для Уполовника использует высокой чистоты, высокой плотности плавленого периклаза или большие-кристаллический плавленого периклаза высокой чистоты графита в качестве основного сырья,

Kiln Fire Bricks - Cheap Refractory Fire Brick For Sale Supplier

The kiln fire bricks should be selected and formulated according to the working environment of the furnace and the damage of the refractory materials.

Phosphate Bonded High Alumina Bricks - Quality RS Fire Bricks for Sale

Phosphate Bonded High Alumina Bricks are made of high-quality high-alumina bauxite and phosphate as a binder. Used in small cement rotary kiln. Price Cheap!

Cheap High Alumina Refractory Bricks - RS Fire Bricks Price by Factory

Cheap High Alumina Refractory Bricks for sale in RS Refractory Bricks Supplier is used for industrial furnaces, high quality, faster delivery! Price now!

Silicon Carbide Bricks - RS Kiln Refractory Bricks High Quality

Silicon carbide bricks are high grade refractory material, its main chemical composition is SiC, used in steel industry, nonferrous metal industry, etc.

Alumina Silica Brick for Sale - RS Kiln Refractory Bricks

Alumina silica brick is the general name of refractory bricks which’s main composition are Al2O3 and SiO2, also called aluminum silicate bricks. Free Quote!

Lightweight Fire Brick for Sale - RS Kiln Refractory Materials Supplier

Lightweight fire brick refer to refractory brick having a density of less than 1.3 g/cm3. Lightweight refractory bricks have been widely used in thermal ...

High Quality Chrome Bricks - Kiln Refractories Blog

Chrome bricks are with Cr2O3 greater than 30%. Magnesia chrome bricks, alumina chrome brick, respectively added magnesium oxide and corundum materials.

Alumina Silica Fire Brick for Sale - Rongsheng High Alumina Refractory

Alumina Silica Fire Brick for Sale is applied widely in high temperature industries. Buy alumina silica bricks from Rongsheng at a low price! CLICK NOW!!

Grade II 70 Alumina Fire Brick with High Quality - RS Fire Bricks Supplier

The price of Grade II 70 Alumina Fire Brick is not only related to Al2O3 content, also related to bulk density, that directly affect the use of furnaces.

Alumina Magnesia Carbon Bricks - RS Magnesia Refractory Fire Bricks

Buy Alumina Magnesia Carbon Bricks, Alumina Refractory Brick, Magnesia Brick, Magnesia Alumina Carbon Brick, Carbon Bricks For Sale From RS Factory!

Where to Buy Cheap Acid Resistant Concrete - RS Refractory Supplier

RS Refractory Supplier's professional and strict attitudes at producing process. Buy acid-resistant concrete, Please choose RS. We will never let you down.

High Quality Alumina Bubble Brick from Factory - RS Fire Bricks Factory

As the lining in the thermal furnaces, alumina bubble brick from RS, can resistant high temp, save energy. Lightweight, be used in all kinds of atmosphere.

Alumina Refractory Bricks for Sale by Supplier - RS Fire Bricks Factory

RS is an alumina refractory bricks manufacturer that sales, high porosity alumina brick, low creep high alumina bricks, runner bricks,hole bricks... Price!