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Dr Stuart Sadler Newcastle Psychologist

I’m Stuart Sadler, a Chartered Psychologist based in Newcastle upon Tyne. I qualified from the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Newcastle University in 2007, and the Post Graduate Certificate in Clinical Neuropsychology at Glasgow University in 2012 after moving to Newcastle from York.

What is a Psychologist and What do they do? - Stuart Sadler

Have you ever noticed that you think or behave in a way that causes problems or makes you feel unhappy? Or have you found that you have a tendency to criticise or mentally beat yourself up? Maybe you find yourself in self-sabotaging patterns of behavior that stop you achieving your goals?

Perhaps you’ve been experiencing problems such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, or stress? Maybe this has led to panic attacks, angry outbursts or trouble managing your thoughts? Maybe you’ve been finding it hard to cope with modern life, or has found it difficult to manage your emotions.

These, and other reasons, are why many people choose Newcastle Psychologist & Counselling for psychological services.

Changes in the modern world are happening at breakneck speed. As eating, sleeping, and work habits are changing, people have started to develop more emotional difficulties than ever before.

Mental or nervous breakdown, due to reasons such as work stress, bereavement, relationship difficulties, depression and/or anxiety, heavily affect people’s lives. Newcastle Psychological Services provided by Newcastle Psychologist & Counselling is helping people to bounce back and cope with these issues, as well as help them function better in day to day life.

CBT Therapy Newcastle — What Is It and How Does It Help?

CBT, or Cognitive-Behavioural therapy, is a type of therapy that helps people to feel better by exploring and challenging unhelpful thoughts, thinking style and habits. It is one of the most scientifically proven approaches used in psychology to help improve wellbeing.

At Newcastle Psychologist & Counselling many of our psychologists, counsellors and therapists specialise in CBT due to it proven effectiveness for a range of problems such as depression, anxiety, trauma, worry and anger.

CBT Therapist Newcastle Upon Tyne aims to help break negative cycles of thoughts and behavior which impact on the way we feel. It can build positive beliefs and habits that improve coping ability, resilience and help deal with problems we encounter in day to day life.

Counsellors and psychologists are types of professional therapist that identify and help people suffering from emotional distress, whether due to anxiety, depression, anger or otherwise. Our Counsellors in Newcastle upon Tyne, based at NEWCASTLE PSYCHOLOGIST & COUNSELLING, are able to help with a range of problems and can help adults, children, families, and couples to overcome their difficulties.

With the increase in responsibility and outside expectations on children, it is understandable that they might struggle sometimes. If you have noticed changes in your son or daughter’s behaviour or emotional state (such as becoming more withdrawn, angry or upset), you might consider speaking to someone about child counselling in Newcastle.

Depression Counselling – How it Can be Helpful

At some point we can all feel sad, irritable or generally lacking interest in life. However, if these feelings persist for a few weeks or more, you may be suffering from depression. Depression can be a serious mental health problem that does not go away on its own. So booking an appointment with a specialist (such as Specialist Depression Counselling Newcastle).

If you think you are suffering from anxiety, Anxiety Clinic Newcastle, a service provided by Newcastle Psychologist & Counselling, can offer sound advice. Attending the anxiety clinic allows you to share your concerns with a professional and get the very best help in talking therapies available. With Anxiety Clinic Newcastle, you will be in the hands of skilled and experienced anxiety specialist psychologists and mental health experts.

A hectic lifestyle and difficult work environments can affect a person’s sleeping pattern and their ability to sleep. Some cope by using sleeping pills to make sure they get the sleep they so desperately need and while this medication can work well in the short term, long-term use is not advisable. Further to this, stopping sleep medication can often lead to “rebound insomnia”.
Meeting with Dr Stuart Sadler, a Clinical Psychologist and sleep therapy specialist in Newcastle has led to many people improving their sleeping habits without the need for medication.

If you or a family member have been affected by mental health problems or ongoing difficulties, you may benefit from cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT).
Dr. Stuart Sadler, a Chartered Clinical Psychologist and CBT therapist has been using CBT therapy in Newcastle to help people overcome a variety of mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, worry, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), trauma & PTSD and relationship difficulties. He is also one of the few trained therapists able to offer a specialised form of CBT therapy, CBT for Insomnia (or CBT-I) to help with sleep disorders.

A traumatic event can have serious psychological and physical impact on the individual, leading to them responding to the trauma in many different ways. Some can experience difficulties controlling their thoughts and emotions, while others can also get into destructive patterns of behaviour or habits.

Seeing one of our Specialist Therapists for trauma counselling in Newcastle can help alleviate some of the discomfort and help process traumatic events. Dr Stuart Sadler (Chartered Psychologist) and the team at Newcastle Psychologist & Counselling suggest four signs of trauma (though there can be others) to look out for, which suggest a person may have experienced or witnessed a traumatic event.

Helpful Tips for Dealing with Trauma

Stressful life events can undoubtedly change a person. Experiencing flashbacks of a traumatic event on a regular basis can often leave you thinking that there is no way back. The constant cycle of traumatic memories and flashbacks, anxiety, and attempting to get back to normality can be a struggle. As a result, day to day life can become a constant seesaw of trying to deal with negative thoughts and feelings.

With the help of a psychologist (such as Newcastle Psychologist & Counselling’s psychological services in Newcastle), it can become easier to deal with the fallout of trauma and its impact on everyday life.

Adult counselling services in Newcastle allow you to talk about your thoughts and feelings with a qualified professional in a confidential and non-judgemental environment. From this, the counsellor or psychologist will help you manage, or come to terms with, difficulties you might be experiencing that are affecting your wellbeing.

Dr Stuart Sadler was awarded his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Newcastle University in 2007. He then completed further training in Clinical Neuropsychology (obtaining a post-graduate diploma from the esteemed Glasgow University in 2012), Family Therapy, and sleep disorders.

The Silent Treatment – A Relationship Killer?

In most relationships there will be times of disagreement. This can be a normal part of a healthy relationship, and overcoming problems together can make you stronger, both individually and as a couple. Although there is one thing that can prevent this natural process from occurring… the “silent treatment”.

This can occur whether you are in a new or established relationship, getting back together after a breakup, or even if married. In fact, difficulties in communication is one of the main reasons people come to see our Couples Counsellors for marriage guidance and couples counselling in Newcastle upon Tyne.

All relationships, especially romantic ones, require a degree of effort and maintenance to sustain. They require good communication, mutual understanding and compromise if a couple are to survive the challenges relationships can bring. If you are having issues in your relationship, consider professional relationship counselling in Newcastle.

How to Choose the Right Child Psychologist in Newcastle

Searching for a skilled and experienced Child Psychologist can be challenging. Newcastle upon Tyne is home to many professional psychologists, though child psychology is a particular specialism and it is important to choose a therapist with specific experience that focuses on this area.
If you are looking for a child psychologist in Newcastle, it is always best to do some research to find the best available. Sometimes children face issues that are difficult for an adult to understand and this makes it important to find a therapist who will understand your son or daughter’s feelings, as well as help you feel confident in their ability to help.

How Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Can Help You Overcome Your Negative Thoughts

Cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) uses a variety of strategies and techniques to help a person to overcome negative thought patterns and improve their quality of life.

Success with CBT is dependent on the therapist and client working together to understand the problem, and using specific techniques to help change a perspective. This then impacts on the way they feel and interact with the world.

With specialist help from one of our CBT therapist in Newcastle, better ways of thinking and viewing the situation can be developed, leading to more effective problem-solving.

Finding Your Way Out of the Pit - Depression Counselling in Newcastle

Depression has become more common in recent times due to factors such as increased work, school or university stress, more pressure on relationships and living a higher paced lifestyle. Though it remains crucially important to recognise the difference between feelings of sadness and depression it is important to hold in mind that if your feelings of sadness lasts, or is accompanied by lack of interest, hopelessness, poor motivation, or feelings of social isolation, you may be suffering from depression.

Depression counselling in Newcastle can help recognise and work on improving the causes as well as the symptoms of your depression.

In recent times, problems such as anxiety and depression have been thrust into the spotlight with more people being diagnosed with these conditions each year. There may be a range of reasons for this epidemic, such as increased stress at work, difficulty with relationships, financial struggles, ongoing physical health problems, and even social media.

Newcastle Psychologist & Counselling can provide effective anxiety counselling in Newcastle to help you eliminate anxiety and prevent these problems through psychotherapy and counselling (including Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, or CBT) to identify the cause of your anxiety and help you work through difficulties.

Choose the best Sleep Therapy Specialist in Newcastle

Sleep deprivation can cause a variety of mental and physical health problems. A sleep therapy specialist can help eliminate negative thoughts and help you sleep better. Dr Stuart Sadler is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist who specialises in sleep therapy for a variety of sleep disorders, including insomnia, early waking and nightmares. For further help or advice, contact Dr. Stuart Sadler at Newcastle Psychologist & Counselling, your sleep therapy specialist in Newcastle.

In the modern world, stress has become nothing short of pandemic. There are many reasons for this sudden surge in mental illness; work stress, constant anxiety, family and/or relationship problems, bereavement, social media, and increased physical health problems. Whatever the cause, depression can be difficult to overcome by yourself. Visiting Newcastle Psychologist & Counselling’s depression clinic in Newcastle can help you overcome depression by offering proven talking therapies (including cognitive-behavioural therapy, CBT) and specialist counselling.

Overcoming problems or talking about your mental health can be challenging and it is important to get the best help available. The trained professionals at Psychological Services Newcastle offer a variety of therapies to help people overcome depression, anxiety and other problems, and keep them away for good. If you are suffering from any difficulties with your mental health, contact Newcastle Psychologist & Counselling for the best psychological services in Newcastle today.

Anxiety and stress can be distressing and debilitating. What’s more, once you begin suffering from either of these problems, it can be difficult to break the negative cycles that cause distress and return to leading a normal life.

Newcastle Psychologist & Counselling’s Anxiety Services in Newcastle can help you overcome stress and anxiety and stop them impacting on your life. The team’s highly skilled selection of psychologists and counsellors are trained in a variety of talking therapies, which aim to help you deal with stressful situations more easily

Stress is becoming a fact of life for most people and when asked, many feel that they have lost control of their work-life balance. Newcastle Psychologist & Counselling offer psychological services in Newcastle that can help reset the balance. Their team of qualified psychologists and therapists can identify the root cause of the problem, and offer solutions that will allow you to regain that balance in your life.

Emotional and behavioural problems are unfortunately becoming more common amongst children and young people. Not being able to, or being afraid to express how they feel, can lead to other emotional problems later in life. Because of this, it is important to address any difficulties as early as possible, especially if still in childhood.
Newcastle Psychologist & Counselling have a reputation for providing the very best Child Counselling in Newcastle. They specialise in counselling and therapy (including cognitive-behavioural therapy, or CBT, and family therapy) for a range of problems, including; anxiety, childhood depression, anger and/or other behaviour problems that occur at home or at school.

Good mental health is as important as good physical health, although it is often overlooked. Due to the stigma often attached to talking about mental health, many resist the need to get help. Although, the way you feel day-to-day is crucially important, signs of deteriorating mental health should never be ignored. For help relaxing your mind and relieving stress, contact Newcastle Psychological Services.