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The Best Ways of Taking CBD Oil with Food and Drink

Here are the best ways of taking CBD oil with food and drink. You can add Cannabidiol to cereals, salads, smoothies and protein shakes. In addition, you can mix CBD extract with beverages like coffee and tea. When it comes to CBD and food, there are do's and don'ts. Hence, read on to discover the best practice when introducing Cannabidiol to your recipes.


Taking CBD with Food and Drink

There are numerous ways to consume Cannabidiol. However, people are frequently asking if it is safe to take CBD oil with food. The short answer to that question is yes, it is perfectly safe. Apart from taking CBD via the sublingual route, you can also use it with food and beverages. It helps get your daily dosage in a number of ways and keeps mealtimes interesting. Here are the best ways of taking CBD oil with food & drink beverages.


CBD Oil with Breakfast Cereals

When it comes to breakfast, there are lots of cereal options to choose from. Porridge oats are just one example that has been a favourite for a long time. Oatmeal is a healthy dish that is improved further with the addition of CBD Hemp extract. It is fast, simple to prepare and relatively inexpensive. After making your bowl, adding a few drops of the CBD oil should be the final step.


Add CBD Extract to Salad Dishes

CBD also works particularly well when adding to salads. Of course, it is more expensive than extra virgin olive oil so we have to use it sparingly. However, using half a dropper on your freshly prepared vegetables is not too extravagant. Furthermore, it ensures you are receiving the necessary amount of Cannabidiol.


CBD-Infused Fruit Smoothies

There are countless recipe ideas for making smoothies. Whether your preference is for vegetable or fruit, this healthy drink packs a huge amount of nutrients. Furthermore, these ingredients are fresh, natural and deliver optimal benefits. The final step before serving is adding a few CBD drops of your Hemp oil tincture.


Protein Shake Enhanced with CBD

The sports nutrition industry is waking up to the benefits of CBD extract. Indeed, many fitness enthusiasts are now using Cannabidiol supplements. There are a number of different beverages related to athletic performance. These are further enhanced with the addition of CBD oil. Whether it is a pre/post-workout drink or a standard whey protein shake, the addition of a few Hemp drops takes things to another level.


CBD Coffee and Tea

We all enjoy our hot drinks with coffee being a popular choice. This beverage has enjoyed a surge in popularity of its own in recent times. The good news is, CBD oil and coffee is an excellent combination. Putting a few CBD drops in your morning coffee is a great way to start the day. Alternatively, if tea is your preference, adding an amount of Cannabidiol works just as well.


Preparing CBD-Infused Food and Drink

The only thing to bear in mind is the use of heat. Where possible, it is best to keep things natural and don't add the CBD to the dish or beverage until the later stages. This means there is no chance of the oil being affected in an adverse way by the introduction of prolonged heat. Hopefully, you will enjoy these ways of taking CBD oil with food & drink. Bon Appetit!


Best Food and Drink to Eat With CBD Oil

Best Food and Drink to Eat With CBD Oil

If you are going to consume CBD oil with food, consider the following. The bioavailability of CBD is much better when it is consumed with healthy fats. This means food such as oily fish, eggs and meat. In addition, Avocados are also on the list. Finally, olives, almonds and coconut oil are also very effective when taken with Cannabidiol.