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Tech Busines Insights

AI technology is said to be transforming all the business functions, so how can the software industry be an exception?

How Artificial Intelligence Affects Software Development

Learn how artificial intelligence affects software development and how you can start using it yourself.

Ways Social Media can Boost Up your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Earlier known as a platform to broaden your network, social media has successfully surpassed the age of innocence and entered the adulating phase.

How eCommerce Help Small Businesses? - WebPrecious

“Internet” no longer seems to be scary in fact “no internet” seems to be scarier. Without the internet more to be specific eCommerce solutions our lives may pause as we might not be able to shop, eat, and watch movies, book air tickets hassle-freely. It is no surprise to say that we are living in an era where digital presence has become as important as a physical one, where no activity on the internet raises questions about existence itself.

The Basics to Online Lead Generation in the GDPR Era

If you're still trying to figure out how to not get affected by the exploitation or threats related to the GDPR rules and make your business GDPR ready, read this article.

How cybersecurity accelerates business growth - Help Net Security

It’s no secret that the cybersecurity industry has grown exponentially over more than a decade due to the proliferation of high-profile cybercrime.

SecOps: How security with DevOps can deliver more secure software

The DevOps/SecOps approach gives infosec groups an opportunity to integrate security earlier in the software development process, reducing risk.

Top 6 Features of an Ecommerce Inventory Management System

Here are the top 6 features that you should be considering when upgrading your inventory management system, and what to look out for.

Become an e-commerce superstar with Magento integration

If you are an e-commerce entrepreneur, you can take your business to the next level with process automation through Magento. Here’s eight ways to do it.

7 Ways to Use Social Proof in Your Email Campaigns - Hatchbuck

Crowd mentality is stronger than ever. If you haven’t leveraged social proof in your email marketing campaigns yet, you should start doing it right now.

How to Optimize Your Website for Voice Search and Wearable Tech

By 2020, 50% of all Internet searches will be done via voice, which includes smart speakers, wearable tech and other IoT devices. Here's how to optimize it.

Best Open Source eCommerce Platform for Mobile Apps - Trionds

Having a good online presence has become vital like never before and there is no debate about it! And by online I am not talking about just websites; after all, a good online presence can never be complete without an intimidating mobile app. From small and medium-sized businesses to large enterprises, people are going head over heels when it comes to choosing the right mobile app development company.

5 Best open source eCommerce platforms for your online business

With the variety of open source eCommerce website development platforms available in the market, choosing a right one could be a challenging task.We have shortlisted the 5 best open source eCommerce platforms that helps your meet your business requirements and bring it to the next level.

11 Best Open Source and Free Ecommerce Platforms for 2020

If you've been looking around for the perfect open source ecommerce platform for your business, spare a moment to check out this compilation.

11 Free Magento Extensions for your eCommerce Store

A list of 11 free Magento extensions that you can use on your Ecommerce store. Use some top extensions on your ecommerce store for more sales.

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Magento is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms in the world these days. Furthermore, there is a wide array of Magento Extensions development that provide exceptional services to clients all over the world. Hundreds of thousands of websites today are working on Magento across the globe.

The Ultimate List of 94 Magento 2 Free Extensions Marketplace (Updated 2020)

Discover the best and Magento 2 free extensions for your store. Include site optimization, sale, marketing, customer supportand so on. Don't miss out

12 Exclusive tips to double your sales using a custom eCommerce website

An eCommerce website or store can be used effectively to amp up your ecommerce sales and marketing. Here are some tips for a eCommerce website.

6 Clever Ways to (Ethically) Boost Ecommerce Store Sales

With sites like Shopify making it easy for people to start up their own ecommerce store, you might have recently thought about starting up one of your own.

Drop Shipping Business: 8 Marketing Tips to double your sales

8 fresh marketing strategies to rocket your sales and sustain a successful drop shipping business

Know everything about Dependency Injection in Magento 2

We aggregate and tag open source projects. We have collections of more than one million projects. Check out the projects section.

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In programming languages, a dependency is known as the object which is needed by a class to perform some functions. Injection is the passing of that particular dependency to a dependent object/class. The real meaning of Dependency Injection is to inject the dependency into the class from another source. In this post, we’ll discuss Magento 2 Dependency Injection.

The Basics of Dependency Injection in Magento 2 – Mageplaza

Dependency Injection is a unique design pattern that implements control inversion and provides the ability to follow the principle of dependency inversion. It is a technique that enables loose coupling. A number of latest software application frameworks support Dependency Injection including TypeScript, Spring, Google Guice, Microsoft Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF), etc.

100+ Best Free extensions for Magento 2 Free & Premium 2020 – Mageplaza

The best 100 Free extensions from hundreds of Top Magento 2 Free Extensions as derived from Mageplaza Ranking which is using Mageplaza scores, rating reviews, search, social metrics.

65+ Best Free Magento 2 Extensions: Fast, Functional and Easy To Use ( 2019 Updated)

This super special blog will list out ALL Free Magento 2 Extensions available in the Magento 2 marketplace up to 2020. Stay tuned!

The Ultimate List of 94 Magento 2 Free Extensions Marketplace (Updated 2020)

Discover the best and Magento 2 free extensions for your store. Include site optimization, sale, marketing, customer supportand so on. Don't miss out