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Updated by Robert A Kearse on Jan 18, 2022
Headline for 83 Social Bookmarking Sites With Strong Alexa Rank That Can Make You A Power On The Internet
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83 Social Bookmarking Sites With Strong Alexa Rank That Can Make You A Power On The Internet

Give Your Quality Blog Content Instant Prolific World-Wide
With These High Traffic Social Bookmarking Sites.

This is the 2nd update of this list because:

  • - Google has dropped page rank (PR) as an observable SEO factor
  • - Some sites have disappeared or are parked domains
  • - Some sites now redirect to non bookmarking sites
  • - Powerful new bookmarking sites have recently been created

Following is a list of high traffic bookmarking sites with their
Alexa rank in parentheses. The lower the number, the more
the site receives. Alexa rank indicated as of August 1, 2017.


reddit: Overdose on your favorite subreddits:

(9) -- Start out by finding the most
appropriate subreddit that fits your


(513) -- Wattpad is the best place to
read and share stories.

Lifehacker - Tips and downloads for getting things done

(666) -- "How-to" content dominates
this site, but it can be about virtually
any subject. A quality image is a MUST.


(1,338) -- StumbleUpon is the easiest
way to find cool new websites, videos,
photos and images from across the Web.




(1,697) -- Grow you Friends and Fans
as you start posting quality content.
Very active site. Build your authority status.

Digg - What the Internet is talking about right now

(1,989) -- Breaking news on Technology, Politics, Entertainment, and more!

eBaum'sWorld - Great Pics to Quench Your Thirst

(3,431) -- Have fun!! Add some variety
to your online presence. Enjoy funny
videos, fail videos, funny pictures, funny
galleries, funny links, flash games, jokes,
caption contests, & Photoshop contests.

dZone - fresh links for developers

(3,975) Vivid images are a must.

MetaFilter | Community Weblog

(4,182) -- Powerful site with heavy usage. - All your favorites in one place

(4,671) -- A Modern-day bookmark manager •
A place for your favorites •
A news feed (RSS) reader •
A browser startpage •
A portal for your team •
For journalists •
For teachers •
For online marketeers •
For software developers •
For everyone


(4,930) -- Access your bookmarks and
online favorites with Symbaloo. A free
social bookmarking service in the cloud.
Pro versions available for business &

Slashdot: News for nerds, stuff that matters

(5,503) -- An important piece in any social
media marketing arsenal.




(6,170) -- Satirical views on interesting,
bizarre and amusing stories, submitted by
a community of millions of news junkies,
with regular Photoshop contests.





(7,389) -- Diigo is a powerful research tool
and a knowledge-sharing community

Listly - Lists made easy + social + fun!

(55,729) -- Lists = Ranking. List Posts =
Traffic. We help bloggers & brands curate,
crowdsource, and engage readers via live
embedded list content inside blog posts.




(9,085) -- Another asset for annotated
and illustrated lists.


(12,094) -- A simple tool for saving
web pages to read later on your iPhone,
iPad, Android, computer, or Kindle.

Care2 - largest online community for healthy and green living, human rights and animal welfare.

(13,530) -- Be a part of the world’s largest community for good.




(18,094) -- Zotero is a powerful,
easy-to-use research tool that helps you
gather, organize, and analyze sources and
then share the results of your research.

SOUP. Too creative for just a profile? Way too busy to blog?

(20,618) -- Soup is a tumblelog, a
super easy blog that can do more
than just text: post links, quotes,
videos, audio, files, reviews and

DailyDirt: Everyone Has Blindspots

26,829 -- New To Techdirt?

Explore some core concepts:

Saying You Can't Compete With Free Is 
Saying You Can't Compete Period

The Future Of Music Business Models 
(And Those Who Are Already There)

Step One To Embracing A Lack Of Scarcity: 
Recognize What Market You're Really In

(33,120) -- Using vivid relevant images
is very important on this site. - social bookmarking

(36,738) -- Save your bookmarks and links
online and search what your friends like.

Welcome to Pinboard!

(37,172) -- Pinboard is a fast, no
nonsense bookmarking site for
people who value privacy and speed


(38,257) -- LiveBinders is your digital
binder on the web, create an online
binder for content curation