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Updated by James Markran on Dec 31, 2019
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Get real YouTube comments




Receiving commenting on your posted video is considered the best way to get organic hits to your video. Therefore buy real YouTube Comments immediately in order to make your video viral among the internet user. While purchase comment for your video always ensure that the comment you bought are genuine and spam free.


Top 5 YouTube comment Tips and Trick for growing your channel

Top 5 YouTube comment Tips and Trick for growing your channel

In this post, you will get to know briefs about the top 5 tips and tricks for YouTube comments, which will be very beneficial for your channel growth.

All of us want to get more views, subscribers, and attention to the YouTube video. The best way to do that is through getting engagement in comments, which will help your video rank in search. And also your video will be promoted by YouTube.

*Below are 5 important YouTube comments Tips and Tricks:

*Pin comments:

It is a relatively new and amazing tool you can use to create more engagement on your channel. i.e. when there is a great positive comment for your YouTube video then you can pin that comment to be at the top of the comment area. It is a great way of getting more comments on your video.

*Heart Comment:

This is a relatively new feature on the YouTube comment section. When you are logged in through your account, you can’t just only press the thump up or thump down but also you can put a heart on them. It lets the person that you have seen the comments. Hearting comments will directly send a notification to the person. It is a great way to reengage your audience and prompt user to come back to the video.

*Replying to all comments:

Everyone takes advantage of this because this is where engagement happens. If you reply to everyone, you are doubling your comment which doubles your engagements. Through this conservation, YouTube knows that this is relevant video people interested in. So always invest time in replying to your YouTube comments to boost the engagement.

Thumbs Up/Down comments:
This lets people like or dislikes YouTube video. It is so easy to do, just like heart, one should utilize this tool. You can thump up for every **positive YouTube comment
and thumps down for negative YouTube comments. This will help the video to get more engagements.

*Time codes in the comments:

It is the core feature on YouTube, which works on comments and also on the description. Through this, you can type current timestamp, which appears on the video. This will create a link to that point in the video when posting your comments. You can also experiment with this technique to get more engagements to your YouTube video.

If you use all the above-mentioned tips and tricks then you will definitely get massive views and engagement to your YouTube video in a short period.