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Giving, Getting: the Exchange of Advice

2 Essential Rules for Giving and Getting Advice

Advice is a part of life. Smart people listen to advice, think about it, and decide later for themselves. I’ve been on both sides of the advice exchange as much as anybody, as a son, father, and grandfather, sure; but

Getting and giving good startup advice – Rob Fitzpatrick's Blog << The Startup Toolkit << @robfitz

Good people end up giving bad startup advice in two ways.

First, it happens when the advice is given irrespective of which stage of the startup lifecycle[1] the company is in.

Second, it happens when opinions are given about whether the whole idea is “good” or “bad”. Experts can often provide excellent insight about the practicality of a specific element of the business model, such as the channel. But since any number of those pieces may be swapped out along the way, it’s very difficult to judge the business as a whole. Even VCs, who do it professionally, are generally wrong.

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So, I should warn you, I'm about to release a new short form essay called " Galapicon...