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Headline for Beauty Tips and Tricks
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Beauty Tips and Tricks

We all have read thousands of beauty tips and tried hundreds of beauty products. Mind you, only few are worth following. We share some useful beauty tricks!

Secret 1 Drink water: Thinking it's no secret? Well, forget about the eight glass rule. Make sure you drink just enough that you don't feel thirsty. Says freelancer Prachi, "My skin gets all flaky and dry if I am not well hydrated."

Secret 2 Sunscreen is a must: Sunscreen is a guarantee for youthful skin. UV rays is the most common source of skin cancer and ageing. Be it rains or sunshine, make sure your skin is nicely smothered with sunscreen- and you know the rule- apply it 15 minutes prior to walking out so the body absorbs it properly.

Secret 3 Moisturise: Make sure you have a moisturizing body lotion that includes a self-tanner. It helps you hide spider veins on your legs and give a slimming effect all over.

Secret 4 Hands and neck are important too: Treat your hands and neck like your face. Wash, cleanse and moisturise. Apply suitable creams and rub it nicely on your neck and hands to make sure they glow as much as your facial skin.

Secret 5 Exercise! If you want glow on your face, facials are not the only option. Workouts help improve blood circulation and oxygen capacity. So hit the treadmill and enjoy the healthy glow!

Secret 6 Eat right: Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Stress a lot on vitamin A, C and E and they help deal with skin issues. Applying antioxidants on the skin also help...

Secret 7 Feel good: Do things that make you feel great about yourself. If you look happy you will automatically feel the glow. So smile and stay cheerful!


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Prada - Candy EDP 50ml Spray For Women

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