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Cable Gland Accessories India

cable accessories. We are one of India's largest manufacturer and exporter of cable accessories, electrical accessories with ISO 9001:2015 certification. We have 2 fully integrated units which manufacture Brass and Stainless Steel precision machined parts, We sell directly to OEMs, distributors and end users in 40+ countries across the globe.


Brass Cable Glands BW

We are manufacturer and exporter of superfine quality of BW Brass Cable Glands as per customers needs and requirements so our Cable Glands suit the exact requirements. These are consist of two element shell lock and knurled shell lock which create a low resistance between earth clip. These BW Brass Cable Glands sheltered armouring and provide electrical continuity between glands and armor entry component and it is primarily used in dry and indoor conditions use with all type of swa cables, plastic or rubber sheathed cable.We provide longer service life, various dimensions, standards, fine finishing, durable, robust design and sturdy construction and other specification with very competitive prices.

Features of Brass Cable Glands BW : To BS 6121 Part 1 most suitable for SWA, plastic or rubber (Elastomer) sheathed cables. Used in dry indoor conditions. No loose parts, It is easy to install and also saves time and money

Sizes of Brass Cable Glands BW : 20 mm to 75 mm (S & L)

Material of Brass Cable Glands BW : Brass, Aluminium & Stainless Steel

*IP Rating : * IP 54

Brass CW Cable Glands

Brass outdoor and indoor gland most popularly used with single wire armoured, plastic or rubber sheathed cable. Terminates and secured cable armouring and outer seal grips sheath of cable thus ensuring mechanical strength and earth continuity. Earth tags to be used for earth continuity.Brass CW Cable Glands are also supplied with integral earth facilities. Recommended to use PVC shroud for additional ingress protection.

Technical Data :

Type : CW
Design Specification : BS 6121 : Part I : 1989
Gland Material : ** Brass
*Ingress protection : * IP 66
**Finish :
Plain Brass or Nickel Plated
Seal Material : Thermoplastic Elastomer
Cable Type : Steel Wire Armour
Armour Clamping : 3 Part (With Lock Nut)
Sealing Technique : Compression Type
Sealing Area : Outer Sheath

Brass A2 Cable Glands

Brass outdoor and indoor Cable Gland are highly suitable for all types of un-armoured cables, plastic or rubber sheathed cables. This Brass A2 Cable Glands provides a seal on outer sheath. Recommended to use PVC shroud for additional ingress protection.

Technical Data :
Type : A1/A2
Design Specification : BS 6121 : Part I : 1989
Gland Material : Brass
Ingress protection : IP 66
Finish : Plain Brass or Nickel Plated
Seal Material : Thermoplastic Elastomer
Cable Type : Unarmoured
Sealing Technique : Displacement Type
Sealing Area : Outer Sheath

CXT Type Brass Cable Glands

These CXT Type Brass Cable Gland are available in different finishes, sizes and designs as per customers needs and requirements. It provide armour termination and IP66 environment seal on the outer cover of cable using an entry thread washer. Including wire braid armour cable or screened flexible wire braid cable in all type of braided armour cable it is use with this in all indoor and outdoor CXT Type Brass Cable Gland. That is suitable for all types of flexible braided cable. This braided cable use for electrical continuity.
Technical Data :
Type : CXT
Design Specification : BS 6121 : Part I : 1989
Gland Material : Brass
Ingress protection : IP66
Finish : Plain Brass or Nickel Plated
Seal Material : Thermoplastic Elastomer
Cable Type : Braided Armour Type
Sealing Technique : Displacement Type
Sealing Area : Outer Sheath

Brass Cable Glands Kits

Gland Kit is a ready to use pack containing Cable Glands, Lock Nuts, Earth Tags and PVC Shrouds. It contains two sets up to and including 32 mm and one set for bigger sizes. It is a convenient way for the user to purchase complete cable termination components as he is assured of all the required parts.

*Note : *Free header cards with customer's name and logo can be provided.
LSF (Low Smoke & Fume) shrouds are available on request.

EMC Cable Glands

They are used throughout a number of industries in conjunction with cable and wiring used in electrical instrumentation and automation systems. Cable glands may be used on all types of electrical power, control, instrumentation, data and telecommunications cables. They are used as a sealing and termination device to ensure that the characteristics of the enclosure which the cable enters can be maintained adequately. Cable glands are made of various plastics, steel, brass or aluminum.

Types of EMC Cable Glands :
• Cable Glands with collet chuck
• Cable Glands with antikink spring
• Cable Glands with contact sleeve
• Cable Glands with contact disc
• Cable Glands with contact spring

IP 68 Brass Cable Glands

Ip 68 Brass Cable Gland has a durable nickel-plated brass construction, and offers excellent protection and maximum reliability in cable management.With a simple screw-on action the gland is easy to fit, which can reduce assembly time, and has a variable clamping range. It also provides an optimum of strain relief, protecting cables from damage by wear and tear.

This Ip 68 Brass Cable Gland is incredibly resilient, offering not only great mechanical protection, but also resistance to temperature and corrosion. As such, the gland can be used in demanding environments, and presents a low maintenance solution for cable connection.

We manufacture other types of Accessories also and according to specifications, drawing and samples. Other Accessories like Cable Ties, Reducers, Enlargers, Adaptors, Converters, Stopping Plugs.

Stainless Steel Cable Glands

Stainless Steel Cable Glands is one type of metal cable gland with IP68 and IP69K up to 10bar waterproof function, temperature up to 150℃. The size of the Stainless Steel Cable Glands is ranging from M12 to M100, it is normally used in the hazardous area because of the superior explosion proof and corrosion resistance performance.

Stainless Steel Cable Glands made of stainless steel 304 and 316L material, because of their anti-corrosion property is especially stronger than other types metal, such as brass cable gland, so ss stainless steel cable gland applied as marine waterproof cable gland.

Stainless Steel Cable Glands has all kinds of thread types such as Metric, PG NPT, and is available with short and long thread entry. Our Stainless Steel Cable Glands is very cost-effective and also perform in reliability, durability, and performance.

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Marine Cable Glands

These Marine Cable Glands are used in plastic, sheathed cables and SWA cables, that are available with optimum functionality, different sizes, various designs, different finishes and accurate dimension as per customers specifications with longer service life and cost effective price. Our high quality reliable Marine Cable Glands are widely used in various application in different industry, that satisfy quality standard and guidelines so These are highly appreciated by our valuable patrons. We produce these in nickel plated or crome palated finishes. For indoor or outdoor use with all types of unaromoured cable. We also produce different Cable Glands Accessories as per customers needs and requirements.

Copper Cable Lugs Terminals

Our organization is the leading manufacturer and exporter of a wide array of Copper Cable Lugs-Terminals that is manufactured as ISO standards using extreme quality raw material. These are manufactured with high quality metal as a raw material that is procured from our trusted and reliable vendors. These Copper Cable Lugs-Terminals are designed as per the application and are available in several specification.

Bi-Metal Cable Lugs

Cable Gland Accessories India has full range of Bi-Metal Lugs for most applications. They are friction welded from the high quality Aluminium (99.6%) and Copper (99.9%). The Aluminium barrels are chemically treated to reduce contact resistance and corrosion. The barrels are filled with jointing compound and capped. They should be crimped using standard Aluminium dies. The range includes standard stud holes, or user specified holes can be punched in blank palms. BI-Metal links and connectors are also provided on request.

Sizes Of Bi-Metal Lugs : 25 mm2 to 800 mm2

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Grounding Clamps in Bronze Pipe Clamps in Bronze

Made from high strength Bronze through fine Sand Casting. The Bronze Ground Clamps are available for various pipe sizes from the ½” – 1” to 4”-6”. It can be used for wire sizes ranging from #2 AWG TO #10AWG.

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Bronze Electrical Connectors

Bronze Electrical Connectors, Bronze Connectors, Copper Connectors, Brass Grounding Clamps, Bronze Grounding Clamps, Copper Grounding Clamps, Grounding Rod Connectors Any kind of Grounding Connectors can be developed and supplied exactly as per customer specifications in drawing.

Vise Connectors Clamps Bronze

The clamps are made from Copper Alloy such as C955 using fine accurate shell moulding. Used to connect various size Grounding Conductors, as well as pole line apparatus to Grounding Conductors.

Neutral Bars Brass

We supply Brass Neutral Links, Neutral bars, earth bars, Brass terminals, electrical busbars, cnc turned parts, binding screws posts screw machine parts, Brass pins electrical pins sockets ,Brass Terminal Blocks to leading switchgear and electrical companies of the world.

We also have CNC machines which can offer high quality finishing and close tolerances on all types of earth bars and Brass neutral links that we produce. Our range of Brass neutral links and earth bars is made on high end Japanese machines and is machined with good control on tapped holes and threads with a tolerance control of plus or - 0.05mm in hole pitch and +/- 0.03mm in length.

Our speciality is Neutral bars, earth terminals, Brass binding screws posts, terminal bars, Brass binder screws book screws, Din 85 Pan head screws, Brass CNC parts precision CNC turned machined components, DIN 934 hex nuts, washers DIN 125 Flat washers, DIN 933 hex bolts, Brass Components, Bronze clamps, Stainless Steel fittings, Brass Turned parts, hex set screws, machine screws etc. We also offer custom made CNC Components and bespoke electrical terminals and neutral links / earth bars.

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Brass Terminals Copper Terminals

Available in various cable sizes in forged & machined varieties. (Angle type, Lucas type, Cut type, Wing Nut type and Ford type).

Finish Of Brass Terminals Copper Terminals : Nickel, Electro-Tin and Natural

Heavy duty high conductivity Copper terminals are for Automotive, Trucking and Marine Industries. Available in Straight, Right Angle and Elbow Types.

Finish Of Brass Terminals Copper Terminals : Nickel, Electro-Tin, Lead and Natural

Note : Other Metallic Battery accessories like Nuts, Bolts, Studs, Posts, Clips, and Clamps etc. can be supplied.

Electric Plug Pins and Sockets

Brass Pins for electrical plugs and industrial plugs and sockets available. We can offer Brass male and female pins, live, neutral and earth pins. Also pins moulded with Nylon, Teflon and different plastics are available.

Sizes Of Electric Plug Pins and Sockets : Various sizes as per customers needs in round, and rectangular shapes
Finish Of Electric Plug Pins and Sockets : Natural, Nickel or Tin plated

General Electrical Accessoires

Our products range of Brass Electrical Accessories Electrical Wiring Accessories include wiring accessories, conduit fittings, terminal blocks, electrical parts, electrical components and electrical switch parts, brass electrical pin, cable gland, brass neutral bars, brass bronze clamp.

Brass Copper Bronze Earthing Accessories

Copper Earthing Accessories Copper Grounding Accessories Bronze Earthing Accessories Bronze Grounding Accessories Brass Earthing Accessories Brass Grounding Accessories Bronze grounding clamps ground clamps pipe clamps rebar clamps Copper Brass Ground connectors Grounding connectors terminals.

Split Bolt Connectors Line Tap

Cable Gland Accessories India manufactures a vast range of Line Taps / Split Bolts / Cable Connectors to meet the material and dimensional specifications laid by different International Standards. Threads are formed by rolling process giving the nut extra clamping force. Pressure pads are made from extruded bars, preventing the pads from cracking. Line Taps are also offered with Copper palms and spacers (to separate dissimilar conductor materials and avoid corrosion).

Material for Split Bolts Connectors : Brass, high conductivity Copper & Aluminium

Panel Board Fittings

Cable Gland Accessories manufactures a wide range of Neutral Links / Earth Bars to be used with switchboards, panel boards, electrical enclosures, housing and distribution boards. They are available in different cross sections and up to 1 meter in length. Different screw & hole combinations can be offered as per customer's needs. Plastic / Bakelite support base will be provided with Neutral Links, if needed.

Finish for Panel Board Fittings : Electro-Tin, Nickel and Natural

Note : Tailor made Neutral Links in Aluminium can be offered.

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