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Headline for Medical Tourism in iran
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Medical Tourism in iran

Iran can be described as the world’s capital of Rhinoplasty. The rate of Iranian nose activity in any beauty center is several times higher than in other countries. The Iranian nose jobs are very popular among young people, both male and female, and has been rising for two decades.


Rhinoplasty in IRAN

Rhinoplasty in IRAN

Persiatour as an Iranian medical tourism provider can help you connect to the best clinics and consult with the best physicians.
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Hair Transplant in iran

Hair Transplant in iran

Hair Transplant in iran , No doubt that hair loss is one of the most upsetting things that could happen in a person’s life. People who suffer from severe fast hair loss look way older than those with the same age with no hair loss. This could cause depression and lack of self-confidence. That’s because they think having hair equals beauty, youth and self-confidence. Hair loss can have many different causes such as hormone imbalance, blood pressure, Thyroid or it can be in your genes. In such cases people go for the best solution and the only permanent one, hair transplant surgery.

Recommended ways to face the Coronavirus - ir Persiatour

Coronavirus can pass to you by contacting door handles, buttons, desks, bed edges, and other metal and plastic surfaces that are in direct contact with you.

Medical Tourism in IRAN-Medical Packages in iran best prices|IrPersiatour

Medical Tourism in Iran is a suitable country for medical purposes, getting high quality services at low prices are the reasons.

SUT hair transplantation in Iran , What is this method? - ir Persiatour

SUT hair transplantation is one of the newest hair transplant procedures in the world,which no scars will remain on your head and it is approved by the FDA.

FUE hair transplantation in Iran , What is this technique? - ir Persiatour

Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE is one of the best, newest and most widely used techniques of hair transplantation, which is also approved by the FDA.

Neck lift in Iran - All about the process of rhytidectomy - ir Persiatour

Neck lift or lower Rhytidectomy is cosmetic procedure that removes excess skin and fat around your jawline and neck to remove the visible signs of aging.

Brazilian buttock lift (BBL) in Iran, to your ideal body shape | ir Persiatour

Brazilian buttock lift ( BBL ) in IRAN is fit for those who don’t want to place an external object in their body. You can find more...

What is Micro Fit hair transplantation? - ir Persiatour

There are different ways to treat baldness and hair loss, the important thing is: Which one is the best? and will be successful due to your conditions.

What do you know about Botox in Iran? - ir Persiatour

Botox injection is one of the most common cases of patients referral and it can be a very useful method in most patients due to their conditions.

Botox is actually the name of a brand. It is gotten from the weakened venom of Botulism, in which scientists get the “A” continuum of it and dilute it a lot, in order to be able to use a very little amount of it as a muscle paralysis.

Body Sculpturing with PAL device - ir Persiatour

Liposuction is one of the most popular techniques to remove the excess fat in different parts of your body under local or complete anesthesia.

Plastic surgery in Iran -How much does plastic surgeries cost? ir Persiatour

Iran is one of the oldest countries in the field of plastic surgery. Tons of eople travel to Iran to have their surgery done by Iranian surgeons.

How much does Rhinoplasty cost in Iran? - ir Persiatour

Rhinoplasty costs about 1500$ in Iran. Nose job is the most popular surgery the country & that's why the call Iran the "capital of nose job in the world".

Breast reduction in Iran - Breast reduction cost in Iran - ir Persiatour

Breast reduction is a type of surgery that the excess skin and tissue is removed to achieve a breast size in proportion with your body.

What do you know about HIFU Therapy? - ir Persiatour

HIFU stands for High-intensity focused ultrasound, which is a therapeutic use from ultrasound waves and is useful as a treatment in various stages.

What is the FIT hair transplantation method? - ir Persiatour

In the FIT technique, in which the hair grafts are removed in a group or seminal form the back of your head with manual holders.

Weight loss surgery in Iran - Different methods of weight loss - ir Persiatour

Being over weight increases the risk of infarct and causes different kinds of diseases like increasing the risk of heart attack, blood pressure, etc.

Telemedicine | An awesome replacement for devastating, time consuming doctor appointments.

Telemedicine was coined in the 1970s; According to the ITU, telemedicine is the practice of medical care using audio-visual communication.

Laser skin resurfacing in Iran- laser treatment in Iran - laser resurfacing iran

Skin rejuvenation quickly with laser skin resurfacing in Iran, How its done? How much laser resurfacing cost in Iran? low prices and high guality only 140$!

What is the reason everyone recommend to do nose job in Iran?

Iran can be described as the world's capital of nose job, the rate of Iranian nose activity is several times higher than any other country.

Aptos threading breasts | Breast lift with thread - ir Persiatour

One of the methods of creating a beautiful shape in breasts is breast lift with threads which is a less invasive method than other methods.

Eye care and eye surgery in Iran | Everything you need to know is here.

Iran offers the best eye care services at affordable prices. Iranian ophthalmologists utilize the latest techniques and facilities.

Telemedicine | An awesome replacement for devastating, time consuming doctor appointments.

Telemedicine was coined in the 1970s; According to the ITU, telemedicine is the practice of medical care using audio-visual communication.

Breast augmentation in Iran - Breast implant - ir Persiatour

Breast augmentation is plastic surgery term for the breast-implant used to increase the size and change the shape of the breasts of a woman.