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Boundary Dispute Resolution

Are you involved in a boundary dispute on your street? Do you need an experienced opinion on your building plans? Disagreements and boundary disputes with your neighbours and other parties are common in England. Disputes may lead to a fallout and becomes difficult to resolve. Our chartered surveyors in Kent can assist in resolving issues.

Meeting your neighbours, moving and visiting your new home is an exciting thing. Disagreements and concerns over land boundaries with your neighbour are common. This may lead to a fallout and becomes difficult to resolve. Our experience can assist in resolving these issues before they end up in court.

Can You Sell a House Involved in Boundary Disputes? - First Light Law

In general, a buyer will take out ill not want to take on a mortgage for your property if it is associated with a dispute.   

What is RICS Neighbour Disputes Service - First Light Law

Those who are in the midst of a boundary dispute will want to do their best to avoid the courtroom. The average cost of a boundary dispute is £40,000, and court cases of this nature can often take over 2-years to complete. 

Benefits of Using Alternative Boundary Dispute Resolution?

In almost all aspects of our lives, disputes are inevitable. Legal disputes can tear our lives apart, no matter what situation we are in, which can range from are transitioning from marriage to divorce to being involved in a business-related contract dispute or even dealing with a family business matter. Luckily, in the face of all of this, traditional litigation can still be avoided by going through some ways that minimize contention and hardship. The time, expense and hard feelings associated with...

Can a Neighbour Take Down My Fence? – Elizabeth House

While the deeds of a property will contain the most information about property boundaries, there may be some parts that are left out. For example; who owns shared dividing walls and fences.

What are boundary disputes surveyors? - Apartement Lifestyle

Most people will never have a boundary dispute. There is enough definition to their boundaries that it is never an issue.

What is the boundary dispute time limit? - dahlhouseinteriors

For the most part, the boundaries of a property are set in stone. They will be listed in the property deed, and the only way this can be changed is through a convoluted legal process.

Find Out more About Boundary Dispute Prevention

Find Out more About Boundary Dispute Prevention. In a single year, thousands of people make legal requests for advice on party wall disputes between neighbours. Boundary disputes and party wall conflicts are significant issues faced by property owners.

Dealing With Boundary Disputes - What To Do First

What To Do First when Dealing With Boundary Disputes. You will get the advice from a chartered surveyor or chartered land surveyor specialising in boundary disputes. There is a good chance that you will need to seek expert advice.

Do you need Help Resolving Boundary Disputes?

Do you need Help Resolving Boundary Disputes? A boundary can simply be defined as a frontier which marks the limits of an area. Boundaries comprise of walls, hedges, fences, stones and edgings just to mention a few.rn

What to Do if You Are Accused of Encroaching on Land

What do I do if I have been accused of encroaching on my neighbours land? Conflicts with a next-door neighbour should not become issues that never reach a resolution. An understanding of who is responsible for the boundary and where it ends can offer long-lasting solutions.rn

Interpreting Boundaries from Title Deeds - Where To Start

Interpreting Boundaries from Title Deeds Can Be Complicated. It can be mind-boggling to a normal person how that comes into play. But in reality, the professionals use an Ordnance Survey map to help them translate the landscape into the mapping that we use today.

Where are My Property Boundaries - How We Measure It

A common question that a surveyor is asked is: Where are My Property Boundaries? Sometimes, the title deeds that we use to register the property might mention the boundaries. Some deeds do not mention about boundaries, and it is upon the owners to determine what to do.

Understanding Boundary Descriptions - Ask A Surveyor

Do You need More Information Understanding Boundary Descriptions? Boundary descriptions are usually in the earliest title deed which can either be a conveyance or transfer deed that defines that particular parcel of land. We offer information to help you understand.rn

Making and Describing New Boundaries - What You Need to Know

Do You Need To Find Out More About Describing New Boundaries? After reviewing how methods of describing new boundaries come into effect, it is necessary to consider how such new boundaries can arise. The methods used to create new boundaries can result in different boundary descriptions.

Find Out More about Professional and Legal Boundary Advice

Are you looking for Professional and Legal Boundary Advice? Dealing with the issue of the boundary is very sensitive and thus, you should not proceed without professional and legal boundary advice. Sometimes, knowing where the boundary of your property is can be very tricky.rn

Retaining Walls - What Are They And How To Maintain Them

Retaining Walls - What Are They And How To Maintain Them? A retaining wall is any structure made to retain or hold soil behind it. Among the numerous materials that one can make retraining walls with are treated timber, poured concrete, concrete blocks, boulders or rocks.

What are the Position of Boundaries? We Help You Understand

What are the Position of Boundaries? We Help You Understand. Two parcels of land can be separated with a wall which might belong wholly to one of the owners because it is built entirely on the owner’s piece of land. If the wall stands upon the boundary, it is referred to as a ‘party wall’

Typical Boundary Descriptions - How To Measure a Boundary

What Are Typical Boundary Descriptions? Typical boundary descriptions are in the parcels clause of the initial conveyance concerning the parcel of land. Unfortunately, the deeds do not disclose who wrote the parcels clause. Our surveyor can offer you advice.

How Do I Resolve A Neighbour Dispute? -

A large number of people are having disputes with their neighbours on various issues, including boundaries. Dealing with these disputes can be challenging and cause a lot of stress. 

Understanding Legal Property Boundaries - First Light Law

The scope of services offered by a boundary surveyor provides clarification for defining property boundaries. A surveyor will survey the property and make a map specifying the physical features of the area on the ground at the time of the survey.  

How to Apply to Land Registry to Determine the Boundary

How to Apply to Land Registry to Determine the Boundary? Many homeowners are confused when it comes to their property boundaries of adjoining lands. This can be down to the low standards required in the description of boundaries.