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Articles and Resources for Tech Entrepreneurs and Startups

A list of the best articles and resources to help start, run and grow your business. Advice, insight, and guides for established entrepreneurs and aspiring technology startups.

A Guide to Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is not about getting the latest shiny piece of technology. It's a challenging, company-changing endeavor. This guide provides some insights on how to navigate the digital reinvention of your business.

8 Tips to Design Persuasive CTA Buttons for New Gens - Anadea

CTA buttons play a critical role in driving your website visitors to the desired actions, such as signing up for newsletters or buying products. This article provides you with tips on how to design effective CTA buttons that deliver results and appeal to the new gens of online audiences.

Making Sense Of The Surge Of Voice Recognition Software In Healthcare

Speech recognition technology is making its way into the healthcare environment. Voice-enabled software applications open ripe opportunities for enhancing disease diagnosis, clinician workflows and patient experience.

How to Create a Solid Business Plan for a Mobile App Startup

When launching a mobile app startup, you need a business plan. Here is a guide on how to create an app business plan for starting a new mobile business.

What is a Chatbot and How to Use It for Your Business

The evolution of artificial intelligence is now in full swing and chatbots are only a faint splash on a huge wave of progress. Today the number of users of messaging apps like WhatsApp, Slack, Skype…

Disrupt Like Zillow: Transforming the Real Estate Industry

Zillow is one of the most innovative companies in the real estate space, which has dramatically changed the way we search and buy homes. The property industry keeps growing and presents an incredible variety of opportunities for tech entrepreneurs. If you aim to disrupt the PropTech industry like Zillow, consider these takeaways from their story.

Why big data and machine learning is the future for commercial real estate

Commercial real estate management is changing. Old ways of analyzing market data for property owners and managers are no longer enough for the evolving challenges and opportunities of today’s market.

Secret Life of Talking Houses: How IoT Can Help Realtors - Anadea

With the advancement of Internet of Things technology, homes are getting smarter which opens up new exciting ways for real estate businesses to interact with clients and improve the buying experience.

Social Learning as a Way to Foster Productivity in the Workplace

Social learning has always been a part of workplaces as we are constantly learning from our colleagues in one way or another. Now forward-thinking companies are finding ways to integrate social learning into CPD programs and corporate learning solutions.

The Rise of “Rent Anything” Online Platforms: How to Seize the Advantage

The sharing economy is projected to grow to $335 billion in 2025. The trend of renting anything, supported by a powerful movement in younger generations to change buying habits to protect the environment, gives rise to a multitude of online rental marketplaces. This article explores how entrepreneurs can benefit from this.