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Updated by Sam Clark on Oct 15, 2019
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How to make the perfect cup of Breakfast Tea?

Tea is a dearly loved beverage that will tantalize your taste buds and give your senses a refreshing boost. Many people all over the world find it hard to start their day without the steaming goodness of a cup of tea. Indeed, this unique beverage has quite an addictive taste. Tea is also an incredibly healthy beverage which will help you to ward off a number of illnesses.


Pick the right kind of tea

Breakfast tea which is also known as English Breakfast Tea, is quite popular all over the world as it has a bold character and a distinct taste. There are lots of great Breakfast tea recipes which are quite popular among tea aficionados too. This article gives a few tips that will help you to make a perfect cup of Breakfast tea so you can relish it with style.

Needless to say, the type tea that you choose can greatly influence its taste and character so be sure to choose well. Loose tea is best to make English Breakfast Tea and you will find this format in many parts of the world with great ease.


Get the measurements

You need to mix and combine the core ingredients in the right proportions so that you will be able to get a desirable end result. This is true for all the recipes in the world and tea is no exception. You should aim to mix 4grams of tea leaves in 250 ml of water for the best cup of tea.


Control the water temperature

Sometimes the minute details can affect the quality of your concoction in more ways that you are aware of. For English Breakfast Tea, water that is at 95 degrees of Celsius is ideal. Of course one can’t always check the temperature when preparing tea, so removing the kettle from the fire just before it boils is a great idea. Controlling the temperature of the water is one of the most important things that you should master when you are cooking with tea.


Infusing the tea

You should infuse the tea for about 2-4 minutes for best results. Infuse it for 4 minutes if you are adding milk so the flavour of tea will come through. You should not over infuse the tea as it can become rather bitter if you do so. If you want your tea to be strong, you should infuse it for longer. And if you prefer a light flavour of tea, you can infuse it for about 2 minutes and drain the tea.


Additional tips

If you want to add milk to your tea and you prefer a creamier beverage, you should add the milk first. When tea is poured to the milk it emulsifies and the brilliant taste of milk will come through beautifully. If you prefer to have a stronger cup of tea, instead of extending the amount of time you brew the tea, you should aim to add more tea to the pot. You should also try to store your tea in an air tight container away from light for best quality.