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Updated by Stephan Marais on Mar 16, 2013
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SEO, SEM & Digital Marketing Round Up - 01 March 2013

Will Google Penalize Chromebooks, Google Analytics, AdWords & Google+ For Using Advertorials?

A day after warning publishers against advertorials, will Google’s search team now have to penalize parts of its own company for running advertorials? Perhaps, and if so, it wouldn’t be the first time. It’s also another absurd chapter in Google’s war on paid links.

Marketing Strategy - Five Advantages of Agile Marketing : MarketingProfs Article

Agile marketing prioritizes the needs of the customer and focuses on a rapid response to customers and current trends. Here are five reasons you should consider adopting the strategies of agile marketing.

Google: PageRank Dilution Through A 301 Redirect Is A Myth

Just under three years ago, we reported that 301 redirects don’t pass full PageRank and that you should try to link through a normal link versus using 301 redirects. The truth is, a 301 redirect and a link pass the same amount of PageRank.

How Google Might Generate Snippets for Search Results

Google may follow different algorithms to choose snippets for search results from content on pages based upon the type of query being searched for.

8 Big Marketing Campaign Mistakes to Stop Making NOW

Erase these 8 rookie marketing campaign mistakes from your next campaign.

18 Social & Local Marketing Ideas Based on the Consumer Journey - Search Engine Watch (#SEW)

These simple local and social search strategies are relatively simple to implement and should help you improve marketing performance. All these ideas are based around the consumer pathway; a 7-step process which sits at the root of marketing theory.

Once upon a Time in Marketing Land… Why Narrative is Key to Customer Engagement

In a saturated marketplace how do you make your content stand out, make people take notice, and get involved?

Google’s Knowledge Graph: one step closer to the semantic web? | Econsultancy

Google was rather busy last year with algorithm updates and product launches, but that didn’t stop it from taking strides towards the “internet of things” and a more semantic web.

Navigate the Great Google Sea with Power Searching -

Did you know Google has online tutorials to teach you how to search like a pro? Melissa McGibbon shares great information about these free classes.

What is SEO Cocitation? - Search Engine Watch (#SEW)

There has always been evidence that words on pages linking to a website (contextual phrases) are influential, but many SEOs see the importance of co-occurrence, or semantic similarity, increasing in Google's algorithm. Learn the basic concepts here.

We Need More Full Stack SEOs - Search Engine Watch (#SEW)

Most successful SEOs operate with one foot in technology, another in marketing and a third in sales. The benefits of being a well-rounded SEO professional will surely bear fruit in the long run, both in your strategic and tactical practice.

Brand Building and the New Role of the Search Agency

With another knock to 'traditional' SEO tactics after the Interflora outing last week, search agencies must get more serious about brand building - but how?

How to Disavow Links in Google and Bing: An Instructional Guide

To help clients who would like to use Disavow Links tools from Google and Bing, this is a step-by-step instructional guide. Use Disavow Links with caution.

Google Publishes Its Search Quality Rating Guidelines For First Time

As part of the How Search Works interactive infographic Google released today, they have decided to publish their search quality rating guidelines publicly to the world. You can access the 43-page PDF document over here.

UX Myths That Hurt SEO - Whiteboard Friday | SEOmoz

User experience and SEO have had a rocky past, but can't we all just get along? In today's Whiteboard Friday, Rand discusses some persistent UX myths that we should all probably ignore.