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06 Top Foods & Dishes That You MUST Try in Sri Lanka – Treat Your Taste Buds to Sri Lankan Cuisine

Sri Lanka is mostly known for the beautiful beaches and the stunning mountain ranges but what you do find out when you come to the island is that Sri Lankan food is absolutely delightful.


Milk Rice and Katta sambal

Milk rice is the unofficial official national food in Sri Lanka. It is a breakfast that is generally made for special occasions such as new year, birthday and celebrations. The rice is cooked with coconut milk allowing the rice to absorb the tenderness and the taste into the grains of the rice. It is generally served onto a plate while it's hot and then cut into cubes before serving. Generally, Milk Rice which is known as Kiribath is served with a spicy side dish known as Katta Sambal. Berjaya Hotel Colombo is likely to serve a delightful Milk Rice at their breakfast buffets.


Rice and Curry

Rice and curry is a combination that you can find in abundance. There are so many locations from street food vendors, to small roadside shops to five-star restaurants that sell rice and curry. The best version of rice and curry is homemade rice and curry which is made with satisfactory amounts of oil, coconut milk, salt and pepper. The curries you make and the combination is of utmost importance, to be able to enjoy the meal


Pol Roti

If you love Indian roti you are bound to love Pol Roti which is made with the extra ingredient of grated coconut. They are made to have a hard texture on the outside but a soft chewy texture on the inside making it just right to bite into. The pol roti is served with a similar side dish that milk rice is served with, which is katta sambal, a spicy curry made with onions and many spices.



Aappa is a delightful dish as you get feast your eyes before you feast your taste buds. There are plain Hoppers and Egg hoppers where you get the same hopper with a bullseye in the centre of the hopper. They are to be eaten fresh as the outer circle is nice and crispy while the middle is tender and soft.



There are numerous restaurants in Mount Lavinia where you can stop by the side of the road to enjoy a delightful Kottu. It is made with what is called Godamba roti and then mixed with various other ingredients of your choice. There are vegetable Kottu, chicken, egg and cheese, beef and even seafood Kottu for those who are adventurous.


Indi Aappa

It is a tedious process to make string hoppers but the food is delightful. This is like noodles but placed and steamed as separate circular potions. String Hoppers can be eaten with curries that you generally combine rice with. You will need a dhal or potato curry that has gravy and chicken curry or fish curry to bring in that extra spice. Most restaurants serve string hoppers for breakfast and dinner both as it is a loved dish by Sri Lankans.