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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
Headline for 05 Instagram-Worthy Places to Visit in Makati – The Picture-Perfect Location in Makati
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05 Instagram-Worthy Places to Visit in Makati – The Picture-Perfect Location in Makati

When you think of Makati you immediately think business, but there are so many locations in Makati that are Instagram worthy locations which are absolutely gorgeous.


Ayala Museum

It is a combination of beautiful and graceful as the museum located on the end of De la Rosa Street and Makati Avenue is a must-visit location in Makati. The minimalist decoration and interior combined with the stunning works of art are incredible and absolutely breath-taking. If you are an Instagrammer then this is the first place you should visit to take some photos of this elite location. The high ceilings, the white walls and the touch of colour bring a sophisticated look to the room. If you are an art collector then you would absolutely love visiting this store as it is known to host some of the most popular artists we have been exposed to.


Little Tokyo

Love taking pictures of food? Are a foodie yourself? You will love the ambience, the food and the stunning presentation of the food at the Japanese restaurants in Little Tokyo. Owned by Japanese restaurateurs itself, the food, the decorations and the mood will transport you to a different time and era. The calm and peaceful environment infused with delightful food is a great place to hang out with friends and family. It does not come as a surprise that the food is extremely photogenic in that beautiful lighting. Berjaya Makati Hotel is located in the vicinity of Little Tokyo which makes it an ideal outing for those who are staying in the hotel.


Salcedo Saturday Market

If there is one thing that will always look great on the Instagram feed that is outdoor pictures. Outdoor pictures at a lively and colourful market are something you cannot go wrong with. The Salcedo Saturday Market is something that takes place weekly, on Saturdays at a popular public car park. There are various vendors who come together to sell vegetables, fruits, clothes, jewellery, handbags and even hand made products. Most Manila hotel rooms have a leaflet on what you can do during your vacation and the Salcedo Saturday Market will definitely be on the list.


Red light district

The red-light districts are something that is quite overrated in many situations. Even though the red light district in Makati is crowded with pubs, night clubs and bars there are some themed restaurants in the red light district which are extremely exciting. P. Burgos which is known as the red light district in Makati is a popular place for those who want to make their feed pop on Instagram.


Nuestra Senora de Gracia Church

The church which is a Roman Catholic Church which is made in an old Baroque style is a surprising element in the midst of a developed metropolitan city. The church is a great place to visit not only for those who are churchgoers but also for those who love architecture, history and learning more about the culture and traditions on Makati. The detail and the intricate architecture make for perfect Instagram posts on your feed.