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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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5 Langkawi Travel Tips – What to Know to Enjoy Your Trip to Langkawi

Langkawi is a beautiful paradise island located in Malaysia and if you are travelling to the island here are some travel tips to make the best of your vacation.



Bahasa Malaysia is the main language that is spoken in Langkawi. All banners, posters, instructions will be given in this language but most of the boards and instructions are translated and put up in English. Most people can converse in English even though they are not very fluent. People are extremely helpful so if you are unaware, confused or lost you can always ask for assistance from the locals. If you are staying at a Langkawi Resort you can always get details and information from the staff as they will be fluent in English



The currency that is used in Langkawi is Ringgit. For food, supermarkets, transport and small purchases -you will need to have change with you as most shops do not accept international currency. Shopping malls, hotels such as Berjaya Langkawi Resort and high-end restaurants might accept international currency or card payments but it is best to have local currency on you so you are able to get through the day without any issues. You can exchange your money at the airport or at the banks which are available in most of the populated towns. Since not many coins are in use it is important to keep in mind to double-check when you pay with local currency. Notes and coins are easier to handle over notes for all values big and small.



Visa is required for most of the countries and even though some countries are able to obtain a visa on arrival other citizens of different nationalities might have to get pre-approved visa. The best way to find out is to go online or visit the Malaysian Embassy in your country. If you are planning to travel for leisure you will be granted visa for about a month without a hassle.



The weekend is on Thursday and Friday in Langkawi. It is amazing to see how their week starts on Saturday when most people from around the world enjoy Saturday as a holiday to relax and end the workweek. Thursday is a half-day for office workers as they are working only till midday even though it is technically a holiday. If you want to go shopping you can go and do so on Thursdays as the shops and supermarkets will be open till late afternoon.



Food in Langkawi is delightful. If you love South East Asian food then you are bound to love the food in Langkawi. You get to try a variety of food in Langkawi as there are restaurants, street-side food vendors and even street food carts that can be found roaming around the city but mostly around the beach. Exotic food is also available in Langkawi hence you need to be mindful when you order food. If you are unaware of what you are getting, ask a customer who is also a traveller and you might be able to help each other out.