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Natural Beauty Products

Buy 100% Natural Anti-Aging Cream Online – Lavender Cosmetics

Lavender Cosmetics offers anti aging cream to improve skin elasticity, brighten pigmentation and improve skin appearance throughout use. The night series will give your skin a deep and thorough treat while you sleep and enrich it with antioxidants and essential oils to lighten your skin. The day series will protect your skin from sun damage and give it moisture and elasticity. All of the products together reduce wrinkles, prevent their formation and enrich the skin with natural moisture. You are invited to recognize an unusual, rich texture and wonderful aromas that will give your facial skin a glowing look and touch of silk.

100% Natural Body Butter | Lavender Cosmetics

Body cream, as you always wanted – 100% natural pure oils and butter nourishing the skin with natural softness and with special essential oils blend that delight skin and soul. Lavender offers the best natural body butter and all creams are 4 times more concentrated than any other cream and will make your skin nourished and elastic for many hours.

Shop Men Skin Care Products | Lavender Cosmetics

Lavender understands the need to care for the health and beauty for both men and women, as evidenced by Lavender’s men skin care cosmetic series. An extraordinary natural shaving soap that leaves a pleasant and natural feeling, amazing scent without any chemical that can damage the skin. Natural deodorants, solid soaps from virgin olive oil, natural shampoos and lotions that provide a full answer to the man of the 21st century. This is the time to give you particularly healthy and indulgent care.

Shop Essential oils Car diffuser | Lavender-cosmetics

Even during your stay in the car, it is important for us to be surrounded by natural odors rather than synthetic odors. Our Car Diffusers will allow you to breathe 100% natural and pure oils. Our essential oils car diffusers are not disposable and you can leave them on the air conditioner shutter regularly and drip the oil into a sponge within. Want to change fragrance? Just change the sponge and drip another scent. You are guaranteed a relaxed ride. You can choose one of our oil mixtures: Citrus Joy – refreshing Citrus fragrance, Patchouli Vanilla for exotic and sensual aroma, Winter Guard to keep you away from winter sickness or breathe opening your breath.

Affordable Best Hair Products – Lavender Cosmetics

Lavender Hair Care natural cosmetics allow your hair to get the nourishment and protection it needs while maintaining a natural and healthy appearance of the hair. All best hair products contain no substances that damage, dehydrate, or weaken the hair. Using our natural shampoo, non-salty shampoo, hair cream, and natural serum will restore to your hair the natural shine and moisture taken from it after long use of chemicals. Our hair series is rich in natural vegetable oils – Rosemary oil, olive oil, Coconut oil and jojoba oil is known for their natural and wonderful ability to restore and nurture your hair.

Natural Hair Care Archives - Lavender Natural Cosmetics

Natural and gentle hair care for healthier scalp skin and for vital and healthy hair. From the experience of many customers, the transition to Lavender’s natural hair care products greatly improves the problems of hair loss, scalp itching and thin, unhealthy hair. The natural line of care includes olive oil shampoo, which gently cleanses and protects the scalp, a hair moisturizer used as a nourishing mask or as a shaping cream for. Our light serum is perfect to improve hair shine and healthy hair ends.

All Natural Body Oil Perfect for Your Skin

Excellent all natural body oil with 100% natural oils and essential oils, for deep nourishment of the skin, elasticity and improved appearance of the skin. All our body oils contain pure essential oils in excellent aromatherapy mixtures to balance joy and relaxation. In this category, you will find calming lavender body oil, exotic patchouli vanilla body oil, and refreshing lemongrass body oil. Massage oils for joint and muscles with arnica extract and for help in cough and winter disease with Ravintsara essential oil and lemon eucalyptus essential oil to open the airways. For relaxing and good sleep try our wonderful gentle skin body oil with neroli and lavender essential oils.

Most Useful Skin Care Products for Oily Skin

Oily skin requires mainly balance while lowering the excess oil secreted from the skin and keeping the skin clean. When moistening, it must be with fatty acids that many times are missing from the skin and signaling the skin to produce excess oil.

This is why we recommend cleaning and balancing the skin, including gentle cleansing of the skin twice a day with skin care products for oily skin, and once or twice a week, it is recommended to mix a little herbal mixture with the soap for a little deeper cleansing and peeling. Apply a mask of green clay and vitamin C to absorb excess oil from the deep tissue of the skin once a week or acne persists twice a week and in spot when needed.

Buy Natural Shampoo Bar Online – Lavender Cosmetics

Lavender Offers the best natural shampoo bar which contains ingredients like virgin olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and other superb oils and essential oils in order to nurture the head skin and improve the health of the hair. It has a wonderful fragrance and a nice bath experience with foam and scents.

Offering Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil

Lavender offers cold pressed jojoba oil which is used for the treatment of skin incisions and injuries. Jojoba Oil is anti oxidant and prevents the damage of free radicals and anti bacterial. In daily use it helps in the treatment of wrinkles, moisturizing the skin of body and face, and also uses for hair to treat on dry scalp.

Affordable Face wash for Oily Skin – Lavender Cosmetics

Lavender offers face wash for oily skin made with olive oil and coconut oil that cleanses and protects the skin. Daily use will keep your skin fresh, healthy and clean.

Lavender Hand Cream for everyday use. Natural cream is absorbed quickly leaving your hands soft and smooth. The special ingredients of the cream such as lavender oil and calendula oil do wonders on your dry hands.

Affordable Face wash for Oily Skin – Lavender Cosmetics

Lavender offers face wash for oily skin made with olive oil and coconut oil that cleanses and protects the skin. Daily use will keep your skin fresh, healthy and clean. Buy best face wash for oily skin at Lavender Cosmetics online and make your skin looks fresh and clean. Order Now. Delivery available all over the world.

Buy natural hair cream at Lavender Cosmetics

100% natural hair cream is based on coconut oil that is superb for hair treatment with almond oil and grape seed oil to enrich and nourish the hair and scalp. It’s a great product for curly hair to help styling and combing the hair.


Offering best toner for oily skin

Lavender Cosmetics offers best toner for oily skin that suffers from acne or need balancing. The facial toner is excellent for treating skin with pimples, and even on spot of pimple that appears.

Buy face cleanser at Lavender Cosmetics

Lavender’s face cleanser products that cleanses thoroughly without damaging the natural fat layer of the skin, thus Buy face cleanser for maintaining the moisture and elasticity of the skin and preparing them for further products according to your skin type.

Lavender’s dead sea bath salt that will give you relaxation and balance. Its ability to calm, reduce stress and anxiety. Excellent for sleep-induced use and when stress and anxiety relaxation needed.

Offering Natural Clay Mask at Lavender Cosmetics – Lavender Cosmetics

Lavender offers natural clay mask with a special blend of French clay, lavender flowers, Vitamin C and Moroccan clay efficiently absorbs oil and dirt and makes the skin soft and clean. Vitamin C is known to help prevent the aging process.

Offering Affordable Anti-Aging face cream - Lavender Cosmetics

Anti Aging face cream that protects the skin from damage of the sun, prevents wrinkle, dry skin, age spots and freckles, reverses the signs of aging, also helps to eliminating wrinkles and other irregularities.

Affordable Natural Hair Serum | Lavender Cosmetics

Lavender’s natural hair serum contains excellent natural oils that provide hair moisture and leave the hair light and pleasant with a healthy look. The oil provides aroma to your hair, to treat dry hair and split ends.

Best skin care products for oily skin | Lavender Cosmetic

Lavender’s skin care products for oily skin that cleaning and balancing the skin and to absorb excess oil from the deep tissue of the skin. Discover the wide range of 100% naturally made skin care products for oily skin. Shop online and get it delivered at your doorstep.

Lavender offers best vegan lip balm | Lavender Cosmetic

Lavender’s best vegan lip balm is a super-moisturizing balm infused with lemongrass. It heals dryness and provides your lips with moisture and a fresh feel. Your lips will feel protected under all weather conditions. Buy 100% naturally made lemongrass vegan lip online at Lavender Cosmetics. Order Now. Worldwide delivery available.

Buy Natural body oil | Lavender Cosmetics

At Lavender Cosmetics, all natural body oil and essential oils are used for deep nourishment of the skin, elasticity and improved appearance of the skin.

Best Night Anti-Aging Serum by Lavender’s Cosmetic

The best night anti-aging serum which contains skin oils and proven to be excellent treatment for skin care and preventing pigmentation. The serum contains astaxanthin that protects the skin from sun damage; prevents wrinkles, dry skin, age spots and freckles; reverses the signs of aging.

Lavender’s best winter essential oil blends made up with anti-bacterial aromatic oils that helps your body withstand the winter sickness, the best oils for protection from winter diseases.