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Boyan Minchev's answer to Which is the best free stock photo website? - Quora

All the websites below fall under Creative Commons. This means that you can use them and don’t need to worry about getting sued.

Boyan Minchev's answer to What are your tips while going for a solo trip? - Quora

Travelling is one of the most relaxing hobbies. It exhilarates you and gives you a sense of calmness that cannot be described in words. If you have been traveling with your friends and family all this while, it is quite natural for you to feel intimidated at the thought of traveling alone. The fear of safety and getting lost or injured with nobody to help is one of the main factors that stop you from traveling alone.

Boyan Minchev's answer to How does it feel to travel alone? - Quora

Starting with a story, when I started traveling with my friends, I used to think about solo travel but procrastination hit me every time. Excuses like I won’t be able to enjoy that much were there to stop me. Although it took months to overcome this, last year I experienced traveling alone to a few European countries.

Boyan Minchev's answer to Why do so many people quit 6-figure jobs at Google? - Quora

For most of the graduates, the ultimate aim is to land a job in a top company like Google, earn a 6-figure salary and get settled for life. You will definitely consider yourself the luckiest person on earth when you get placed in Google and get your offer letter during your campus placement. However, the reality is completely different.

Boyan Minchev's answer to Why are there crushed stones alongside rail tracks? - Quora

When you travel by train, do you notice the thousands of crushed stones that are found alongside the tracks? Regardless of the rail route that you travel by, you will notice these stones without fail. Have you wondered why these stones are found close the railway tracks? Would you believe if we said that these small and crushed stones play a huge role in the proper running of the tracks? Surprising, isn't it? Read on to know more about this.

Boyan Minchev's answer to What is it like to regret having children? - Quora

Motherhood is considered to be the most beautiful phase in a woman's life. If a woman gets pregnant, she is believed to have been blessed, because God had chosen her to bring a new life into the world. In such a world were maternity is highly celebrated, it is almost unreal that some women do regret having children.

Boyan Minchev's answer to What are some sleep hacks and tips? - Quora

Are you finding it difficult to get sound sleep every night? Do you wake up in an irritable mood because you haven’t slept properly? Don’t worry; here, we have given you some simple sleep hacks and tips that you can follow daily to enjoy an undisturbed and sound sleep every night.

Boyan Minchev's answer to What are all the different types of high school students? - Quora

When you are in high school, you will always come face to face with different kinds of kids in your class. Some may be friendly, some may be cool, some may

claim to be what they aren’t, so on and so forth. While it is difficult for you to make friends with all the kids in your class, it is important for you to know the types of high-school students that you can expect, so that you pick your friends carefully.

Here are the 10 most common types of high-school students you will come across in your life:

Boyan Minchev's answer to Which content management system(CMS) would you recommend for recipe bloggers or travel blog...

Blogging has become one of the fastest and most effective ways of connecting with the world. People blog for various reasons, be it to interact with a large pool of people, express their opinions, share experiences and educative information on their hobbies and passions, or even simply promote their business. It has become a platform that has transcended the superficial mindlessness of social media and evolved into a platform for wholesome information and genuine engagement.

Boyan Minchev's answer to What are some things that a travel blogger should avoid posting on his website? - Quora

Travel blogging is one of the most happening activities today. Some people do it as their profession while some do it as part of their passion. Regardless of the purpose, all you want is for your travel blog to become popular. You want a lot of traffic to your site. Even after posting the best of travel articles, sometimes you do feel disappointed when your blog doesn’t get the reach you expect, don’t you?

Boyan Minchev's answer to What are some of the biggest mistakes you see people making in regards to blogging and tryi...

Today, thanks to the penetration of the internet, it is quite easy to make money online. This trend is catching up youngsters and with people who are looking for additional avenues to earn income from home. However, what many don’t realize is that the path to create a blog and monetize it is not rosy as it seems to be from the outside. There are lots of challenges in the way and unless you are ready to face them, it will become difficult for you to make money online.

Boyan Minchev's answer to Is it possible to make money from a totally new blog or do you think only old bloggers have...

If you thought that you couldn’t make enough money from a new blog, you are mistaken. Blogs, regardless of whether they are old or new, have the potential to make a reasonable amount of money online, if you employ the correct tips and techniques. Wondering how to monetize your new blog? Here are some simple but effective tips that you can follow to earn money online through your blogs:

Boyan Minchev's answer to How much do you earn with a blog? - Quora

First, you need to focus on writing engaging content for your readers and make sure that you include valuable information for them. If you writing about travel, you need to include helpful information in your article, so they can remember your blog and come back again or share it with their friends. Never think about the money first, because this will never help you reach your goals and become successful in the area of blogging.

Boyan Minchev's answer to Is there any job that will let you travel your whole life and rate things with a good salar...

Salary is always an issue for most people, but if you think about it, it's not so bad, you can travel around the world while working and making money. Some people are dreaming about that kind of a job.

Boyan Minchev's answer to What are some great mind-blowing books? Why? - Quora

Whether it is science, fiction, personal development, short stories, or a novel; a book can change your thoughts and blow your mind.

Boyan Minchev's answer to What are some of the best ways to learn programming? - Quora

If you are interested in doing online startups, you’ve to learn to program first. This is the first step towards building something.

What are some useful skills I can learn in minutes?

To earn money, we require skills.

Some skills are called soft while some are called hard skills.

Hard skills are skills that allow you to land a job in an industry or a firm. Machine Learning, Software Development, App development, Artificial Intelligence, etc are the types of hard skills.

Whereas, soft skills are the interpersonal skills or people skills like flexibility, communication, leadership, time management, and teamwork.

These two skills when added turn you into a valuable person. Soft skills are similar for almost every field while hard skills are specific to the areas you selected for professional reasons.

Coming to the question, you asked for some useful skills that I can learn in minutes, right?

I researched about the skills that just require a few minutes to learn and crafted a list: