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Central Europe travel costs for budget travelers

Central Europe travel costs, researched by The Travel Bunny to help you better plan your budget travels in Europe. Plan your Europe travel budget now!


Austria travel costs

A beloved destination for ski lovers, Austria is a country located in Central Europe made out of nine federal states. Around 32% of Austria finds itself at altitudes under 500 meters, the rest of the terrain being highly mountainous, thanks to the Alps.

Austria travel costs in top destinations:

Czech Republic travel costs

The Czech Republic, also known as Czechia, is a landlocked country located in Central Europe. Next to the hilly Czech Republic, you will find Slovakia to its east, Germany to its west, Poland to its north, and Austria to its south. Though not as cheap as it used to be, Czech Republic travel costs make it a good-value-for-money destination.

Czech Republic travel costs in top cities:

Germany travel costs

Germany is a country located in Central Europe, though its political influence usually gets it categorized as a Western Europe country. With Denmark and the North Sea to its north, its southern neighbors are Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Austria. To the east, there are the Netherlands, Belgium, and France, and to the west, we find Poland and the Czech Republic. With a wonderful and varied landscape, Germany has over 2 millennia of history, waiting to be discovered by travelers.

Germany travel costs in top destinations:

Hungary travel costs

Hungary is a landlocked country located in Central Europe. Its neighbors are Romania to the east, Austria and Slovenia to its west, Slovakia to the north, and Croatia and Serbia to its south. Classified as a medium-sized country in Europe, Hungary attracts a lot of travelers, especially in Budapest, the capital city.

Hungary travel costs in top travel destinations:

Liechtenstein travel costs

Liechtenstein travel costs to visit one of Europe's smallest countries.
Only twenty-five kilometers long, Liechtenstein is among the smallest countries in Europe. However, it’s well-known for its mountain landscape, medieval castles and its villages connected by rail. Vaduz, the capital city, is both a cultural and financial center.

Luxembourg travel costs

Luxembourg travel costs for a budget visit to one of the smallest countries in Europe.
Luxembourg is a small country in Central Europe. Its neighbors are Belgium, France, and Germany. Its rural setting attracts travelers with its thick forests and beautiful natural parks in the north and its wild gorges in the east. The capital, Luxembourg City is a fortified medieval town, on a high cliff.

Poland travel costs

The sixth most populated country in the EU, Poland is located in Central Europe. It shares borders with Belarus and Ukraine in the east, Germany in the west, the Baltic Sea, Lithuania, and Kaliningrad Oblast (Russia) in the north, and Slovakia and the Czech Republic in the south.

Poland travel costs in top travel destinations:

Slovakia travel costs

Slovakia is a landlocked country in Central Europe. Its neighbors are Ukraine to the east, Austria to the west, the Czech Republic and Poland to the north, and Hungary to the south. Bratislava is Slovakia’s capital and its largest city.

Slovakia travel costs in top cities to visit:

Switzerland travel costs

Switzerland is a mountainous landlocked country in Central Europe. Its neighbors are France to the east and northeast, Germany to the north, Liechtenstein to the west, and Italy to the south. Home to fairytale villages spread through the tall Alps, Switzerland is well known for its hiking trails and ski resorts. The country is also famous for its banking and finance industry, but also for its precise watches and delicious chocolate.

Switzerland travel costs in top Swiss travel destinations: