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Uses of gas chromatography & It’s Process

Gas chromatography is simply an analytical technique used to separate and analyze samples that can be vaporized without thermal decomposition.
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Essential Cannabis Testing Equipment for Labs

Searching for the cannabis testing instruments for the labs? Now get a wide range of lab equipment that are highly sophisticated analytical equipment to ensure quality control and safety of medicinal uses.

Flame Ionization Detector (FID) Work

A basic scientific instrument uses for measures analytes in a gas stream. The digital electrometer that enables a linear dynamic range and very stable from day to day, and is not susceptible to contamination from dirty samples or column bleed.

Biodiesel GC: On-column Injector Instruments

This gas chromatograph satisfies all of the requirements of ASTM D-6584 for a fraction of the cost of competitive instruments and includes 4 hours of operator training and a 2 year warranty.

Electronic Pressure Control Educational TCD GC System

The column oven is programmable to 300°C with unlimited ramps and holds, and is equipped with fast cool-down fans. An electronic pressure control module (EPC) for the carrier gas provides solid retention time reproducibility.

Choose a On-column Injectors

Each GC chassis except the 110 comes standard with an On-Column injector. The Heated Flash Vaporization, Heated Split/Splitless, and PTV injectors are upgrades to the standard On-Column injector.

Get a Multiple Gas Analyzer #5

Thermal Conductivity Detector can detect all the gases listed above, besides hydrogen, from 200ppm to 100% concentration. The Flame Ionization Detector can detect hydrocarbons down to 1ppm, and with the Methanizer attachment, CO and CO2 down to 1ppm.

Model 310 Medical Marijuana GC System

It is a fast, simple, and precise way to test your product, while providing a laboratory grade analysis. No prior experience with lab equipment is necessary. One half day (four hours) of free training, good for up to four people, is provided at our Los Angeles area offices.

Get an H2-100 Hydrogen Generator

Make GC quality hydrogen from distilled water Hydrogen generators are perfect for labs that would prefer, or can't have hydrogen cylinders in them. It have 100mL/min flow, 50 psi outlet pressure 22" x 14" x 20", shipping weight 52 lbs.

SRI Instruments Will Provide You The Best Flame Ionization Detector FID

Flame ionization detector FID are usually reported as- “as methane” which means as the quantity of Methane which produces the same response. Hydrocarbons in general have molar response factors that equals to the number of carbon atoms in their molecules. And while Oxygen and the other species which contains heteroatoms tend to response in the lower factors carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide however are not detectable by FID

About The Gas Chromatography: How To Detect The Gas Chromatography

Basically there are two general types of Gas Chromatography detector one is destructive and another one is non-destructive. The role of destructive detectors is continuous transformation of the column effluent (evaporation, burning or mixing with reagents) with subsequent measurement of few physical property of the resulting material such as aerosol, plasma or reaction mixture.


310 Soil Gas GC System - SRI Instruments

310 Soil Gas GC System - SRI Instruments

SRI Instruments- 310 Soil Gas GC System

1. PID and FID/DELCD detectors
2. Built-in "whisper quiet" air compressor
3. 6 channel Peak Simple data system
4. 30-meter capillary column
5. On-column injector on the ultra-compact 310 chassis
The 310 Soil Gas GC is similar to the Environmental GC, except that it is more compact and does not include a purge & trap.