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Lincoln American University aspires to produce medical graduates comes in Top Medical Colleges of Caribbean, Best Offshore Medical College

Fail Forward: Inspiring Story of Swapnil, An Aspiring Doctor

Swapnil is a medical aspirant from India who failed to crack NEET in 2018. In 1 year, he didn't only qualify NEET 2019 but also completed 1 year of MD!

Study Medicine In USA: Smart Route to MD or MBBS in America

If you are looking for opportunities to study medicine in USA, MD Program at Lincoln American University (equivalent to MBBS) offers finest opportunities.

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For the future generation of doctors, an opportunity to pursue MD or MBBS in America (MBBS in America is designated as MD) represents one of the most premier choices to pursue medical education abroad and pursue doctor dreams.

Video: LAU Food Inspection Manager on Indian Food Facility & Festivals

Explore facilities for Indian food in Guyana, festival celebrations, & Student Life in Americas with Lincoln American University's Food Inspection Manager.

Lincoln American University Offerings | MBBS in America

Lincoln American University (LAU) is one of the Premier Medical Universities to study MBBS in Guyana, South America. All the students enrolled at LAU, are given quality education to build a successful career in the field by the eminent faculty members.

Top 10 Reasons to Join Lincoln American University | MBBS in USA

Lincoln American University is one of the top Medical Universities in to study MBBS in America. Internationally accredited, LAU will give you access to a quality training program with trained professionals who are keen to help you to realize your dream of becoming a doctor.

Important facts of Clinical Rotation | Study MBBS in Guyana

Lincoln American University

is committed to train clinical psychologists who want to pursue their career in medicine. Studying Medicine in Guyana provides the opportunity to the students to have hands on experience on the clinical services.

Life as a Medical Student | 6 Things You Must Know

All you need to know about the life of Medical Students studying MBBS in Guyana.

Tips to Select Best Medical School to study MBBS in Caribbean

The medical aspirants from any country can take admission to study Medicine from Caribbean. Some of the top Caribbean Medical schools such as Lincoln American University, Bridgetown International University, and Victoria School of Barbados provide medical education at an affordable cost.

Must Know Facts Before Starting Clinical Rotation

Studying medicine in West Indies, in universities like Lincoln American University, is a great opportunity for students as they not only learn in classrooms but also by practicing under the supervision of clinical instructors. After spending three years in the classrooms and medical laboratories, while doing MBBS in West Indies universities, fourth-year medical students begin their clinical rotations, where they finally get to immerse themselves in patient care, learn more about different specialties and put their book smarts to good use.

Lincoln American University | Study Medicine in America

MD in Lincoln American University, Admissions open in Lincoln American University of 2020. Low fee admission in Lincoln American University for MD Program.

Why Study Medicine in Guyana at Lincoln American University?

LAU is one of the fastest growing medical universities for MBBS in Guyana and one of the finest medical colleges for medical education in America. Know Why.

Advantages of studying medicine in South America

The medicine degree of Lincoln American University enhances your employ-ability as having world class education unlocks opportunities not only in your home country but worldwide. As the Lincoln American University is an internationally reputed University it increases your chances of getting employed by organizations all over the world.

Why Study Medicine in Guyana at Lincoln American University?

LAU is one of the fastest growing medical universities for MBBS in Guyana and one of the finest medical colleges for medical education in America. Know Why.

USMLE | Ultimate Guide 2019 | Fees, Cost, Eligibility, Passing Scores

Check USMLE Exam Fee, Exam Schedule for Step 1, Step 2 (CK), Step 2 (CS) and Step 3, USMLE Minimum Passing Marks, USMLE Time Limit & Maximum Number of Attempts.

NEET 2019 – Ultimate Student Guide | Syllabus, Admit Card, Exam Date

National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (UG) or better known as NEET (UG) or just NEET is an entrance examination for Indian students who want to pursue medical courses like MBBS (Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Surgery) or MD (Doctor of Medicine) or dental courses like BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery), in India or outside India.

NEET is held once in a year (most likely in May) in offline mode. NEET examines and assesses the academic abilities of the medical aspirants and checks the eligibility of the students for their admission to medical & dental institutions across the country and in medical and dental colleges run with the approval of Medical Council of India (MCI).

For those who don't know about MCI: MCI is the statutory body which grants registration to doctors and medical practitioners in India with MCI recognized medical qualifications.]

MBBS in Caribbean: Best University & Benefits for Medical Aspirants

MBBS in Caribbean, MBBS in West Indies and MBBS in Guyana - find benefits of medical education in West Indies, Guyana & Caribbean & the best medical university.

11 Essential Study & Exam Tips for Every Student (Including Bonus Tip)

Explore 11 Essential Study Tips and Examination Tactics that can help you get the most out of your study schedule & perform better in your exams. Best of Luck!

10 Reasons You Should Choose A Career In Medicine And Become A Doctor

LAU offers medical education in South America and 5-Year MD in Guyana. Know why you should join its MD Program, pursue a career in medicine and become a doctor.

Clinical Rotations-Definite Guide With All You Need To Know

Clinical rotations in MD Program provides practical experience of Medicine. Get complete guide to help you succeed in Clinicals during your medical education.

Medical Education in Guyana-Everything You Should Know

Affordable and quality Medical Education in Guyana represents an exciting opportunity to study medicine in South America and become a doctor.

Life At Lincoln American University - Med Students Life

At Lincoln American University, we foster an environment to provide a feeling of home away from home. In the campus, the life of students goes beyond education, and students get so much to experience!

Five years that students spend at the University are filled with moments of joy, thrill, learning and each moment takes them to one step closer towards their dream and goal of becoming a doctor. Student Life keeps changing and offered with different facets as student progress through different phases to become a doctor,

While it’s quite not possible for us to enlist all the things that Student Life at Lincoln American University offers or chronicle all the moments in the lives of our students, we have made an attempt to provide our current and prospective students an opportunity to have a glimpse into the Student Life at the University with a quick go through of a few things that our medical students experience during their journey with us and what wows their experience of medical education in America.

After NEET Medical Career Guide: MBBS in India, Abroad & MD in America

After NEET results, you can apply for admission to MBBS abroad, enroll in LAU�s medical program for MD in Guyana & start your medical education in America.

Is it a good idea to study MBBS in Guyana?

MBBS in Guyana is lucrative opportunity for aspiring doctors looking for affordable and well-recognized Medical University. But is it right option for you?

Inspiring Story of Atul: From NEET Unqualified To NEET Qualified

Atul couldn't qualify in NEET 2018. In 2019, he has qualified NEET as well as completed 1 year of MD (Equivalent To MBBS) Program & now going to study medicine in Guyana.