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A Brief History of Court Reporting

When we think of court reporters today, we think of them as an indispensable part of the legal system known for their skillful transcription of courtroom proceedings. In the United States, court reporting owes is origins to a man named John Robert Gregg. He came to the US from England and opened shorthand schools in Chicago and Boston as well as published his method in 1893.


Why Service of Process is so important?

Process servers are people who ensure a legal matter is heard by the court and everything goes down according to the law. Essentially, the process server protects a defendant's rights by handing them notice of the legal proceeding(s) filed against them.

Why You Need a Capable Court Reporter for Your Next Court Case or Deposition?

More than a transcriber – Court reporters hold an important role in the courtroom, and serve as more than just a transcriber. They work with attorneys to offer printed or electronic transcripts as requested and are able to be flexible in any condition.

Is Obtaining a Legal Personal Court Reporter The Right Decision for You? - richard branson | Launchora

Court reporting refers to the reporting of stenographer transcripts that take place in a courtroom. Real-time reporting means that the transcript is translated into readable text and instantly sent to the legal team.Legal court reporters will not only establish a communication channel between the courtroom and the outside. They will also provide additional services, like storing the depositions or testimonies.

Repetitive Strain Injuries 101: Guide to Prevent and Treat the Most Common Court Reporter Conditions

If court reporting has become a pain in the neck or back, it’s need to again examine your posture. Sit up straight while working, and avoid bending your neck downward. Stand-up desks are not only famous due to their design; they’re also supremely helpful for maintaining optimum healthy posture.

Steps to Manage Your Court Documents in a Video Deposition

Video depositions are modern ways of making a legal statement. Video depositions are ideal to convey witness testimony in settlement settings or trials. Video depositions are also important as they can be used if the witness cannot be reached, is ill, has passed away or, in certain jurisdictions, where the witness is not required to appear in person in court.

Premier Court Reporting Services For Depositions & Hearings – Ethics And Rules

Depositions, trials, and hearings must be accurately recorded and transcripted, and should not be affected by any bias or deceptive motive. The main role of court reporting services is to ensure the recordings and the transcriptions are accurate and valid in all situations.

Video Deposition Equipment: Complete Beginner's Guide

Do you want to start your own video deposition service? If the answer is yes, you should know everything there is about video deposition equipment. If the equipment is good, you can provide better services, have happier clients and your results will be better. What's more, you will have to work less in post-production or editing.

DLE Client Corner: Feedback from the Best Customers in the Business

At DLE Court Reporting, we believe in a constant flow of communication between us and our clients.We tell colleagues about you all the time, and let them know you guys are prompt, efficient, and very responsive.Yes, prompt and efficient are adjectives we get a lot in our reviews.

Things To Consider Before Booking A Court Videographer For Your Next Deposition

Good video depositions are all about efficient communication. The whole deposition process becomes much easier when the legal team and the client know all the details. A good video deposition must always be done when both parties know what they are doing and both understand the goal of the whole process.

Important Things To Look For In A Court Reporter

Good court reporting firms should be able to handle remote depositions or recordings. Even if they don’t have an office in every county, the team of reporters must be highly mobile and should be willing to relocate in order to complete their tasks.

Your One-Stop Solution for All Your Legal Needs : DLE Court Reporting

Through the use of videography, even the subtlest expression, inflection, and reaction is captured, all of which carries great weight in settling a case. DLE Court Reporting offers DVD delivery, video synchronization, and time stamped transcripts for easy match-up to video.