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Updated by North Star Fur on Jan 29, 2020
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Thanks for stopping by North Star Fur and Trading. We are an industry leader in the importation of wholesale deerskin gloves, with over 10 years of experience.

3 Tips to Choose the Right Winter Work Gloves - North Star Fur - Medium

You may have the best quality winter clothes and shoes to protect you from chilly weather but what about your gloves. Choosing a wrong or bad quality pair of gloves might make you suffer. You may feel chinks in your armor due to extreme cold. With so many brands, sizes, styles, durability levels, and fabrics, etc., it gets difficult to choose the right winter work gloves. People often end up choosing the wrong one.

North Star Fur: Buy Gloves and Mittens From North Star Fur

Are you searching for Mittens and gloves for this season? Here North Star Fur has a wide variety of deerskin motorcycle gloves, leather riding gloves, cold weather gloves, Thinsulate gloves and mittens, gloves for mechanics, ski mittens, fingerless gloves, driving gloves for men and women and so much more at reasonable prices.

How Do You Determine Your Glove Size?

No person in the world wants to buy a pair of gloves or mittens that don’t fit them properly. We’re sure you want to buy the perfect fit as you’re not buying them to try on or just to collect them. We understand that you try every time before buying, especially, when buying online. But with our sizing chart, we ensure that you’ll find a perfect fit for yourself.

North Star Fur: Things To Know About Deerskin Leather Gloves

Planning to buy winter gloves to keep your hands warm during winters? We recommend you to buy deerskin gloves for many reasons, have a look here!

Facts About Deerskin Motorcycle Gloves | North Star Fur

If you’re planning to buy these soft, comfortable, stretchable, and durable deerskin gloves, North Star Fur will help you to get you what you need.

Finding The Perfect Fit In Leather Glove

The leather glove is now in trend as everybody loves owning it and finds pride in wearing it and showing it off. Leather gloves are available in numerous brands but if you are an avid leather glove lover, you would always buy a glove pair that fit you right.

North Star Fur: History of Leather Work Gloves

Perhaps, you may find it surprising that the use of leather connected way back to the development of one of the first-ever stone made tools, approx. two million years ago.

How To Achieve Desired Fit And Feel Leather Gloves? North Star Fur

Need leather gloves in wholesale? Trust North Star Fur & Trading offer a wide variety of wholesale and bulk gloves and mittens you’ve been looking for.

Tips To Clean Deerskin Leather Gloves - North Star Fur & Trade

Deerskin leather has been popular amongst Native Americans for everyday materials, especially to make moccasins and gloves. It’s commonly used due to its lucrative material is flexible to wear.

North Star Fur: What Materials Are Gloves Made Of?

The majority of gloves might look the same but they differ drastically in the materials used to make them. Different materials are used to make gloves for varying jobs and purposes, primarily to provide adequate protection and performance. When choosing a pair of gloves – deerskin leather gloves, or insulated elksin gloves, or elk skin mittens, consider your work requirements and the materials that can best suit your job conditions.

Work Gloves for Construction – North Star Fur

Irrespective of the type of work you do, picking up a pair of high-quality work gloves is essential. Not only you should concentrate on finding the right pair for your specific task, but it is vital to get the correct fit as well, which in most cases, is a tedious task. These days, work gloves…

Tips To Avoid Buying Pair of Terrible Winter Glove

Everyone wants to buy a pair of warm gloves to keep their hands warm in winter. Winter weather means cold hands. To keep your hands warm, you need to be sure that your hands and fingers have the proper coverage and insulation. This is possible with the help of gloves and mittens.  Gloves and mittens offer protection from the cold, but not every pair will provide you with the warmth that you need and there are chances that you might end up buying the wrong pair of gloves for yourself.

Gloves aren’t always the first things you think of in winter, but their importance is undeniable. Without a good pair of gloves, your hands can be next to useless. And let’s be honest you need your hands for an awful lot of things. In winter you could need then for shoveling snow or scraping ice off your windscreen to even building a survival shelter or simply driving to work.

  • Thanks for stopping by North Star Fur and Trading. Our history begins in 1977 when we started trading raw furs throughout the upper Midwest and sharing them to various parts of the world. Our friendships enable North Star Fur to trade a wide range of products, including wholesale deerskin gloves.

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