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Secret Lairs and Passion Economies And The Less Visible Revolution

Yesterday, I shared something with my accomplices inside the Brave Group. It won’t be public knowledge for months to come.

I make no secret of the fact that my newsletter is my favorite w...

Small Business Website - Here's the Deal on a Free Site : Rabid Office Monkey Marketing

This week's deal: get your small business website for free from "Get Your Business Online" managed by Google.

Laid Off? Opportunity vs. Obstacle - Rabid Office Monkey Marketing : Rabid Office Monkey Marketing

Have you been laid off? Consider turning that obstacle into an opportunity to create follow your passion.

How Not Rank for a Keyword - Keyword Cannibalization

So, you want to rank on the first page of search for a specific keyword. What better way to rank for that term than to ensure it's used on every page of your site, right? That's gotta be an SEO best practice for sure! Nope. That makes you, my friend, a keyword cannibal.

Five Social Media Stats To Consider

Social Media Stats Here are five different social media stats I came across this week. I've added a handy-dandy "tweet this link" for your convenience along with a link to the source where I read the stat. I've also included my takeaways for your consideration.

Blog Goggles Lead to Link Building Booty Calls

There has been a big brouhaha lately about guest blogging. Is it bad? Is it good? Well, it really depends on intent and execution - and whether or not your would-be publisher has on "blog goggles." Let me explain . . . . If you are guest blogging to share something of value - and [...]