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Updated by All Weather Leisure on Oct 10, 2019
Headline for How Hot Tubs Can Help Arthritis Sufferers
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How Hot Tubs Can Help Arthritis Sufferers

One of the greatest benefits of owning a hot tub is having all hours access to hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy is helpful for soothing pains and stiffness; which can be symptoms of arthritis. Relaxing in the warm water alone can help to loosen stiff muscles with the buoyancy of the water. It also provides an ideal space for gentle hydrotherapy exercises and stretches.

For arthritis sufferers wanting to ease their muscle stiffness and pains, see how a hot tub can benefit you below.




Hot tubs provide the ideal temperature to soothe your muscles and provide a relaxing environment, unlike swimming pools. For Hydrotherapy, the recommended water temperature is between 37-39°C to be effective.



If your doctor has recommended Hydrotherapy to you, simple hot tub stretches can help to increase your flexibility. For those experiencing tightness and struggling to stretch, you may find it easier to move about in water.

Many people find hot tubs extremely relaxing because they remove the downward pull of gravity. This can make lying in a hot tub feel completely weightless, helping you to relieve pain and pressure on your joints.



Hot tubs can help to improve your muscle strength, by providing a degree of resistance and therefore encouraging your muscles to work harder to complete specific exercises in the water. For example, water aerobics are more strenuous than hydrotherapy stretches and exercises.


Weight Loss

For many arthritis sufferers with restricted movements, hot tubs can assist with low-impact exercise which can contribute to weight loss. By losing weight, you can lift some of the pressure off of your joints, to ease pain and discomfort.


Mood Booster

If you have been suffering with arthritis for a long time, it may weigh down your mood. Investing in a hot tub provides you with a personal sanctuary, to help your mind and muscles to unwind.


Investing in a Hot Tub to Soothe Your Arthritis

Investing in a hot tub can benefit your overall health and wellbeing, as well as soothing symptoms of arthritis. Allow your mind and body to unwind with warm water and gentle jets.

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