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Updated by Kevin Marshal on Oct 09, 2019
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What is white Ceylon Tea? and What are the Health Benifits?

Ceylon tea is incredibly popular all over the world. The remarkable taste and aroma of this exquisite beverage makes it quite addictive for sure. Indeed, not many people in the world can start their day without enjoying a cup of delicious tea!


Categories of Ceylon Tea

Ceylon tea can be broadly categorized in to three sections, namely Ceylon black tea, Ceylon green tea and Ceylon white tea. Among these, Ceylon black tea is the one that is processed most and Ceylon white tea is processed least. Ceylon white tea, which is also known as Silvertips is one of the most expensive tea products that the country produced. This is primarily due to the nutritional value and health benefits that this variant offers.


What is White Tea

Ceylon white tea is produced from the freshly sprouted leaves of the tea plant. These tender leaves are covered in a silver down, which gives the tea its unique name of Silvertips. The final brew also contains a certain degree of creaminess, which enhances the appeal of the variant yet some more. The delicate flavour of Ceylon white tea is well loved by those who are not fond of the sharp tang of black and green tea. Because of its subtle taste it is a very popular hospitality industry tea in many parts of the world.


Health Benefits of Ceylon White Tea

As it was mentioned earlier, Ceylon white tea offers quite a number of health benefits. This variant is rich in antioxidants, vitamins as well as minerals. White tea contains a special catechin which helps to fight cancer. The tea contains anti-aging substances as well.

Regular consumption of white tea will help enhance the health of your heart. It is one of the best Ceylon tea variants that that you will find in the market. The high content of antioxidants which is included in white tea helps to strengthen your heart and assist in the prevention of blood clot formation. It can also help to reduce the bad cholesterol levels in your heart. This will help prevent undesirable heart conditions from developing.

White tea can also help you to lose weight. Many people in the world are suffering from obesity these days and white tea can effectively help you to shed some extra pounds by increasing your level of metabolism.

Other benefits of white tea include increasing oral health and reducing the pains caused by arthritis.