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Awesome Makeup Tutorials for Halloween

'Tis the season for dressing up! If you're an extreme fan of Halloween, you're probably looking to transform from head to toe. These makeup tutorials will help you do just that. Get inspired by these makeup looks for your next Halloween costume or cosplay!

Beetlejuice Makeup Tutorial

Is there anyone more Halloween than Beetlejuice? Transform into this ghost with the most with the help of this makeup tutorial.

Frankenstein Makeup Tutorial

Looking to bring a classic monster to life this Halloween? This greyscale Frankenstein makeup tutorial is just what the doctor ordered.

Oogie Boogie Makeup Tutorial

The baddest bad from The Nightmare Before Christmas is here for Halloween. Find out how to transform into Oogie Boogie with ease.

Harry Potter Voldemort Makeup Tutorial

We're not afraid to say his name. Voldemort is here to stir up some trouble this Halloween thanks to this makeup tutorial.

Xenomorph Alien Makeup Tutorial

The Alien franchise has been a fan favorite since the first movie and this makeup tutorial is out of this world Transform yourself into a Xenomorph Alien with the help of Caitlyn Kreklewich.

Ice Queen Makeup Tutorial

Bring the chilly vibes of winter to life with this Ice Queen makeup tutorial in honor of the Winter Solstice.

Jack Skellington Makeup Tutorial

This is Halloween! Jack Skellington is the perfect look because he is the pumpkin king. Follow along with this makeup tutorial.

Two-Face from The Dark Knight Makeup Tutorial

Watch out Gotham, Two-Face is coming out to play this Halloween. Recreate this Harvey Dent look from The Dark Knight.

Chelsea Smile Makeup Tutorial

Gruesome wounds are always a hit for Halloween. This Chelsea smile makeup tutorial will have you grinning from ear to ear, literally.

Billy from Hocus Pocus Makeup Tutorial

When you raise your ex boyfriend from the dead, you probably should make sure you ended things on good terms. Let Billy Butcherson speak his mind to Winifred this Halloween by recreating this makeup look.

Pennywise the Clown Makeup Tutorial

Pennywise is back in action thanks to the new It movie and the recently sequel. Become the killer clown with the help of this makeup tutorial.

Gamora Guardians of the Galaxy Makeup Tutorial

This Gamora makeup tutorial is here to save the day. Suit up from head to toe as this Guardians of the Galaxy character.

Child's Play Chucky Makeup Tutorial

Recreating this makeup look will feel like Child's Play when you follow this step-by-step makeup tutorial.

New 52 Joker Makeup Tutorial

With so many different versions of the Joker to choose from, why not go big. This New 52 Joker makeup look will wow your friends and scare any Batman suiting up to save the day this Halloween.

Maz Kanata Makeup Tutorial

This tutorial uses the Force and a little makeup to transform our model into Maz Kanata of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Deadpool Makeup Tutorial

Deadpool, unmasked is quite the site to see. But this Merc With a Mouth will be a hit at Halloween or comic con.

Annabelle Makeup Tutorial

Get all dolled up by following this Annabelle makeup tutorial.

Harley Quinn Makeup Tutorial

Harley Quinn has had quite the transformation over the years. This makeup tutorial transforms this vexing villain from Suicide Squad into a pop art queen.

Edward Scissorhands Makeup Tutorial

Tim Burton has created many iconic characters. Transform into Edward Scissorhands with the help of this makeup tutorial.

Cabin in the Woods Sugar Plum Fairy Makeup Tutorial

If you're heading into a cabin in the woods, beware. You never know what kind of monsters, like this sugar plum fairy, are lurking about.

Neon Light Sugar Skull Makeup Tutorial

Transform yourself into a stunning sugar skull this Halloween or Day of the Dead with a makeup look that's sure to glow!

Goth Glam Witch Makeup Tutorial

Go goth glam this Halloween with a witchy look that will have everyone under your spell.

El Diablo Makeup Tutorial

El Diablo is one of the terrifying supervillains from the Suicide Squad. Recreate his tattooed look with the help of this makeup tutorial.

Beast Makeup Tutorial

Who wouldn't want to learn from the best at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters? Beast is a master of his x gene and it's time to transform into this heroic mutant.

Mad Hatter Makeup Tutorial

We're all a little mad when it comes to creating an epic Halloween costume. Dress up as the maddest hatter of them all this year with the help of this Tim Burton inspired tutorial.