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Apps and sites for Chinese A

Chinese Writer by trainchinese By Molatra

Learn how to write thousands of Chinese characters - it's educational, entertaining and addictive!☆ It's easy to play. ☆Characters fall from the top of the screen - you have to tap them and draw them correctly to score points. Just don't let them reach the bottom, or - kaboom! Let five of them drop and the game is finished! But the learning continues; you can review everything that you saw, complete with stroke order diagrams and testing at your own pace. Characters you made the most mistakes on are highlighted at the top of the list.☆ It's more than a game. ☆✓ trainchinese Chinese Writer can test you on 5,300 Simplified and Traditional Chinese characters, and features stroke-order diagrams, English explanations and high quality audio recordings for every possible pronunciation of each one.✓ The app remembers which characters you've had trouble writing and prioritises them in future games, as well as highlighting them in the character pack browsing screen.✓ Includes an animated introduction to the basic rules for writing Chinese characters.☆ It's suitable for everyone. ☆✓ Characters are divided into packs by difficulty according to the official HSK standard. Hundreds are included in this free download.✓ Create your own packs by searching for characters by Pinyin. You can even mix Pinyin, English and Chinese characters in one search to find as many results as possible, and one tap adds them all to your custom pack.✓ Your kids can play. Your grandmother can too. Now everyone can enjoy the pleasure of learning this beautiful system of writing.✓ Whatever your writing level, you'll improve with trainchinese Chinese Writer. Beginners can start with simpler characters and at a slower pace, while experienced students will blaze their way through those HSK 4 hanzi!☆ It's connected. ☆✓ Create your own character packs and share them with friends by email.✓ Feeling proud of yourself? Share your high score with your friends via Twitter and Facebook.✓ Already a trainchinese user? Download the characters you're learning into trainchinese Chinese Writer for free!☆☆☆☆☆Learn to write Chinese characters with trainchinese Chinese Writer. It's educational, entertaining - and addictive!

睡前故事-朗朗中文 Yes! Chinese - Learning Chinese


Chinese Stories Platform - 中文故事播報台 Learning Chinese From Stories

This website is made for students learning the Chinese language. We have a huge collection of Chinese stories , news, and articles from all over the world (China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macao etc…) The reading materials are categorized and reformatted according to their level of grammar and vocabulary, all according to the HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) standard.

We have ancient tales and modern stories, as well as articles based on current events. We want to ignite the student’s passion for the Chinese language, while deepening their understanding of Chinese culture, economy, and society. If you spend one hour per day reading the writings on this website, your Chinese comprehension will quickly go from beginner’s to intermediate level.

We categorize our articles according to the official standards set by HSK, and carefully explain the meaning and usage of the vocabulary words using definitions and example sentences. If you plan on taking the HSK examination, our articles will no doubt be of great help to you.

幼儿故事2-8岁 - 宝宝吧

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全民大词典-朗朗中文Learning Chinese

Audio Dictionary - Recommended for Chinese A students, or for students who are in the intermediate level.

Chinese Reading - The Tortoise and the Hare 龜兔賽跑 By Lu Feng Technology Inc.

Age : Recommended for Grade 1 and Grade 2 students.Level : Helpful Chinese reading for basic level learners.Story : Classic story about pride from Aesop’s fables rewritten in simple Chinese.Characters : Contains 300+ basic level Chinese characters.FunctionsAnimation(Traditional) : Story animation with traditional Chinese subtitles.Animation(Simplified) : Story animation with simplified Chinese subtitles.5Q-Book(Traditional) : Illustrated audio book with traditional Chinese text.5Q-Book(Traditional Pinyin) : Illustrated audio book with traditional Chinese text and pinyin.5Q-Book(Simplified) : Illustrated audio book with simplified Chinese text.5Q-Book(Simplified Pinyin) : Illustrated audio book with simplified Chinese text and pinyin.English : English translation on the last few pages of the story.About Us5QChannel has over ten years of experience in Chinese learning content development, and has published over 3,000 multimedia Chinese learning contents on the web. We specialize in using computer animation to transform classic Chinese literary works into captivating multimedia for the modern audience. Our products are educational in nature, and our aim is to help all readers around the world to read classic tales easily.We understand the difficulties children have in reading these classics in their original form. By reinterpreting well-known classic stories and creating a new way of learning and studying with multi-media devices, we provide a means for people to watch animation anywhere and anytime. We create digital reading with animations and thus the concept “Watch Animations and Get to Know the Classics” is realized.Web : www.5qchannel.comEmail : jr@5qchannel.com五子登科動漫閱讀 – 龜兔賽跑簡介精選伊索寓言的經典童話,以淺顯文字改編故事,搭配精緻動畫與有聲圖畫書,吸引兒童閱讀的興趣。烏龜與兔子約好比賽賽跑,到底是跑得快卻很自大的兔子會贏?還是跑得很慢但有恆心的烏龜會贏?功能動畫(繁體) : 全螢幕動畫,含繁體字幕。動畫(簡體) : 全螢幕動畫,含簡體字幕。5Q-Book(繁體) : 繁體中文有聲圖畫書。5Q-Book(繁體拼音) : 繁體中文有聲圖畫書,含漢語拼音。5Q-Book (簡體) : 簡體中文有聲圖畫書。5Q-Book (拼音) : 繁簡體中文有聲圖畫書,含漢語拼音。英譯 : 每本有聲圖畫書都會附上完整中英文對照。關於我們「五子登科動漫閱讀網」是陸鋒科技主要針對兒童及青少年所設計的數位閱讀產品,陸鋒擅長利用多媒體將經典名著,轉化為符合時代潮流的數位內容產品,這個網站不但創新數位閱讀的形式,也讓「看動漫、讀經典」成為一件暨流行又時髦的事。時下許多父母師長為了讓學童能夠閱讀經典,花了不少精力,但效果卻是事倍功半,陸鋒團隊瞭解單靠文字閱讀是難以吸引學童,所以將這些經典名著以動漫元素重新詮釋,並且因應全球行動閱讀的趨勢,推出「五子登科動漫閱讀」iPad版系列,讓全球學中文各年齡層的讀者可以「隨時隨地看動漫 輕輕鬆鬆讀經典」。Web : www.5qchannel.comEmail :

Skritter Chinese By Inkren, LLC

字字 - Over 200,000,000 items studied! - 字字Let sparks fly and ink splatter as you learn to write Chinese characters faster than Confucius himself!Master thousands of Chinese characters with the #1 character-learning app, now on iOS! You choose the vocabulary lists, you set the pace, and Skritter handles the rest—a writing coach in the palm of your hand. Say goodbye to forgotten characters, tone mistakes, and your pile of flashcards. Say 你好 to the language learning app from the future you’ve been waiting for.Total beginner? The Skritter Chinese 101 list will take you through the basics. Using a textbook? We’ve got 181 of the most common textbooks. Want to study your own words? Make your own lists in no time—Skritter automatically fills in the pinyin, definitions, audio, character decompositions, and even top mnemonics. ChinesePod, Heisig, HSK, radicals, 1600 user-created lists—it’s all right here.STUDY YOUR WORDS ON YOUR TIME✓ 10,000 characters and 400,000 words✓ Simplified, traditional, or both at once!✓ Writing, tones, pinyin, definitions—it’s your call✓ Study offline, auto-sync when you reconnectREMEMBER 95% OF WHAT YOU LEARN✓ Learn each item forever in 54 seconds✓ The only SRS designed specifically for Chinese✓ Review words right before you forget them✓ Automatically adds new words when you’re readyFLEXIBLE SUBSCRIPTIONS✓ Free for one week, $7.50-14.99/mo after that✓ Cancel any time, keep reviewing forever for free✓ Subscribe in-app to add new words✓ Call or email us personally—we’ll take care of you★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★“If I could only keep one app on my iPod, this would be it without a doubt. Skritter will change your life!”― Wendy Werneth, UN Translator, Switzerland“Learning to write Chinese characters has never been so fun. From writing zero to 2000+ characters in six months!”― Brian Jackson, Economist, Alaska“An absolutely amazing app. While it’s gorgeous (never had this much fun using an iPhone until now), it also makes me want to actually study whenever I have downtime.”― Greg Bell, Master’s Student, Taiwan“It has completely changed how I study. You won't find me cooped up inside anymore. You'll find me at the wetlands surrounding the city, using my iPod to Skritter and chatting with the people strolling on the path. Or I'll be at the local dumpling joint, the owner's kids grabbing my iPod to play with the app and "teach" me how to write correctly.”― Alex Louis, Volunteer, China★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★Skritter users LOVE that they can learn Chinese in life’s spare moments. Skritter on planes, trains, and buses; in bed, class, and boring meetings; at the gym, office, and park; or while watching TV. Forget throwing birds at rocks—master the most beautiful script in the world instead.Chinese learners have been waiting 3500 years for this app. Wait no more—download Skritter now!

神话故事乐园 By HeFei Tgwoo Software Co,. LTD.

《中国神话故事》旨在为小朋友提供互动的iphone/ipad体验。内容包括《盘古开天》、《女娲造人》、《牛郎织女》四个故事, 界面美观, 声音甜美。在传统画面及音乐播放的基础上增加了对主要故事对象的点读发音,实现听故事学识物。同时为每个画面增加拼图游戏,实现三个难度级别的画面复原拼图,从而增加儿童对故事及画面的记忆。




English Chinese dictionary, help learning Chinese language, Chinese character, and Chinese pinyin. Dictionary with Chinese handwriting recognition, pinyin translation, audio Chinese words pronunciation and mandarin MP3 making.


(这个是人教版小学教材的生词表。 里面有些已经是词语了。做完上面的链接,再做这个。注意学词时,要理解词汇的意思(想知道你懂不懂,用词语造






Collection of Animated Stories 2

Read reviews, get customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Collection of Animated Stories 2 on the App Store. Download Collection of Animated Stories 2 and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



童话故事mp3 - 宝宝吧

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历史文化故事 - 宝宝吧

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青蛙弗洛格成长 - 宝宝吧

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Read Easy. Read Every Day. We provide the best online materials for you to LEARN CHINESE more efficiently and effectively. Improve your Chinese reading and listening skills with us! Start with our free articles and listen to our stories!

幼儿故事2-8岁 - 宝宝吧

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Story - but with Chinese traditional characters