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Compassionate Hospice Care, Inc.

Compassionate Hospice Care, Inc.

Discover What Sets Hospice and Palliative Care Apart

It can be daunting when faced with the decision of choosing between hospice and palliative care in Los Angeles County, California. For starters, it’s important to keep in mind that while all aspects of hospice care are considered palliative, not all elements of the latter is considered hospice.

What Hospice Care Can Do for You

When you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, every minute of each day counts. Although you may initially feel that leading a fulfilling life is out of your grasp, patients can have more control than they realize. We at Compassionate Hospice Care, Inc. provide hospice care in Los Angeles County, California to help patients lead comfortable and dignified lives.

Top 3 Questions About Hospice Care

Does your senior loved one gets diagnosed with a terminal illness? Do you feel afraid that asking for hospice care in Los Angeles County, California means giving her or him up? We want to enlighten you on the answers to your common questions.

3 Common Misconceptions About Hospice Care

Because hospice is connected with end-of-life illnesses, many misconceptions have associated with it. As a trusted provider of hospice care in Los Angeles County, California, we want to correct some misunderstandings.

The Levels of Hospice Care Services

Hospice is also called “comfort care” because it provides specific care management for people with a terminal illness. With hospice care, providers create comfortable ways of managing their clients’ illnesses to allow them to enjoy a high quality of life. If you live on the West Coast, you can avail of our quality hospice care in Los Angeles County, California.

Depression and Anxiety in Palliative Patients

A terminal illness can bring about different kinds of psychological and emotional effects on patients. Patients in palliative care can experience anxiety and depression. Proper care for them must be followed to reduce the incidence of these effects while managing their pain and illness. Assessing patients who are in palliative care must include the detection of depression and anxiety symptoms. If you live on the West Coast, avail of our hospice care in Los Angeles County, California.

Bereavement Support in Palliative Care

When a person is in critical condition due to illness, his or her family members are likewise not spared from grief and bereavement. Whether grief is because of the difficulties met while caring for a family member who is ill or because of such family member’s loss, our hospice care in Los Angeles County, California can certainly help you cope with such problems.

Caring for Patients Who Have Dementia

Dementia is an overall term for diseases that are characterized by a continuous degeneration of memory and thinking skills, which in turn affects a person’s ability to execute everyday activities. Dementia is one of the health conditions that our hospice care in Los Angeles County, California covers.

Common Challenges in End-of-Life Care

Many facilities in the United States offer palliative care to patients who are terminally ill. But over time, it has been reported that these facilities face the same challenges and issues in patient care. Like our hospice in Burbank, California, palliative care facilities undergo the same roadblocks. But these can be well managed by our medical and support professionals.

Cheering Up Our Elderly

It is common for the elderly to feel anxious, stressed out, lonely, and depressed. These feelings that trigger sadness and depressive episodes are usually caused by social isolation, financial woes, ability loss, such as driving and traveling, hearing loss, and other contributory factors.

Thriving While in Hospice Care

Hospice care is one of the many approaches in caring for terminally ill patients that provide palliative care rather than traditional medical treatment. Hospice care offers symptom management and medical treatment together with spiritual and emotional support for patients and their families at the end of life. One reason for committing older adults to hospice care is the failure to thrive. This is a syndrome of functional decline that is not usually part of normal aging.

Hospice Patients’ Rights

Knowing your rights is always important even as a hospice patient. Difficulties can arise anytime in the care being provided to you, hence, it is but wise to be informed of what you are entitled to.