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Updated by The Plumbing & Electrical Doctor on May 20, 2021
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The Plumbing Doctor & Electrical Doctor - Repair and Maintenance

The Plumbing & Electrical Doctor
have licensed plumbers and electricians that provide the best value solutions for your home/house plumbing and electrical services needs. Including blocked drains, leaking taps, toilet repairs, leaking hot water system, gas fitting, pipe repair and other services. Serving areas in Canberra, Newcastle, Central Coast & Hunter Valley. Call 13 10 91 now!


Plumber in Canberra

Need an emergency plumber? Book our local plumber in Canberra to fix your drains, toilets & kitchen. We offer the best plumbing & electrical services in town.

Top 5 Winter Plumbing Problems | The Plumbing & Electrical Doctor

Winter makes your plumbing vulnerable to broken pipes, blocked drains, & water heater issues. Here are the top 5 winter plumbing problems. Our friendly and professional plumbers and technicians give a FREE inspection and expert plumbing advice and solutions. Call us at 13 10 91!

6 Awesome Blocked Drains Press Release to Follow in 2021

The Latest News for April 2021 You Need to Know on Blocked Drains

Plumber in Maryville | The Plumbing & Electrical Doctor

Want to hire the best electrician and plumber in Maryville? Then call the Plumbing and Electrical Doctor today: 131091! The Plumbing and Electrical Doctor is a well-known plumber and electrician in Maryville for several decades. We’ve been providing emergency plumbing and electrical services for residences in the area. We were able to gain the trust of our clients because we guarantee that they can get quality workmanship at a reasonable price.

Plumber in Maryland | The Plumbing & Electrical Doctor

Do you want to know our licensed plumbers in Maryland? For blocked drains & hot water system problem. Call The Plumbing & Electrical Doctor today!

Plumber in Islington | The Plumbing & Electrical Doctor

Searching for a plumber in Islington? We offer electrical service, blocked drains repair, hot water system, and more. Call Plumbing and Electrical Doctor now!

Plumber in Hamilton | 24 Hour Emergency Plumbing Services

Need a plumber in Hamilton? For blocked drains, hot water system, and electrical service concern. Give the Plumbing and Electrical Doctor a call at 131091!

Plumber in Callaghan | The Plumbing & Electrical Doctor

Need trusting Electricians and Plumber in Callaghan. The Plumbing and Electrical Doctor helps repair blocked drains, hot water system supply & installation, leaking taps, gas fitting, and more. Call us! Our company is composed of licensed and certified plumbers and master electricians that are trained to give the best customer service possible.

Is 2021 The Year of The Blocked Drain?

Why are my drains blocking up again? It usually last longer, blocked drains cause by tree roots that grow gradually getting into your drains

5 Tips on How to Find a Reputable Local Tradies Plumber

Still can't find a reputable tradies plumber near you? Then read these five tips you should take into consideration on what you should do.

Plumbers in Cessnock | The Plumbing and Electrical Doctor

Needing plumbing services in your household? We are the Plumbing and Electrical Doctor that provides a wide range of plumbing and electrical services. We offer in Hunter Valley, our plumber in Cessnock is 24/7 open on all holidays. Our company is well known in this field for almost 2-decades in providing advanced and high-quality services in plumbing and electrical.

Plumber in Maitland | The Plumbing & Electrical Doctor

Our Plumber in Maitland are all licensed, qualified, and trained in how to deliver the best service to you, we are 24/7 emergency plumbing service, blocked drains, hot water systems, water heater supply & installation, electrical works, home automation, gas fitting and more. Call us 13 10 91 for healthy plumbing and electrical

How to Clear a Blocked Sewage Drain?

When the water of your drains is slowly sinking you might think your drains are blocked by something? And when you notice smelly odorous in your drains and noise coming up from your drains or gurgling drains. In this scenario in your house this for sure you have a blocked drain. This topic lets you give an insight into how to detect early blocked drains and how to clear or clean your drains.

What are the Therapeutic Aspects of Hot Water?

Taking a bathed every day is a good sign for healthy living we make our body conditioned and hygiene. Warm luke water can make our body active and can help us boost our systems. Bathing each day with hot water can give more benefits to our body. According to the Australian Health Organization Hot Water Systems helps a lot in every household in reducing stress and fighting heart illness. Read more

Looking for the best Hot Water Systems suit for your home and family. Not only popular and trusted water heater products brands and types but also deliver and install by expert plumbers. So here's the key factor you need to consider Read more

Is 2021 The Year of The Blocked Drain?

Why are my drains blocking up again? It usually last longer, blocked drains cause by tree roots that grow gradually getting into your drains

Why do my drains gurgle, and what made the sound inside? Here are simple tips and a guide to know why toilets and sinks gurgling? And What causes a Blocked Drains?

How to Clear a Blocked Sewage Drain?

Are you having problems with your sewage system? Then, you’d be happy to know these tips and tricks on how to clear a blocked sewage drain.

What are the Therapeutic Aspects of Hot Water?

Bathing in hot water gives us many benefits but do you know what they are? We want you to know so here is a list of 10 therapeutic aspects of hot water.

6 Tips to Prevent Blocked Drains

Do you need tips and guide on how to prevent your Blocked Drains? Not everyone knows these issues, so we listed six tips for you that you can do in clearing your drains system. However, if these tips could not do any good in your Blocked Drains, license and expert plumber would do the job. They will always give you proper advice to solve your plumbing problems and protect your property.

Top 5 Winter Plumbing Problems

Winter makes your plumbing vulnerable to broken pipes, blocked drains, & water heater issues. Here are the top 5 winter plumbing problem.

Newcastle and Canberra Post-Lockdown Plumbing Tips

You can have up to five visitors in addition to the household members according to the implementing guidelines on the first step of the 3-Step Framework for a COVIDSafe Australia. The lockdown measures are easing up in many suburbs in the ACT and New South Wales, which naturally includes our service locations like Canberra Newcastle, Central Coast, Port Stephens and the Hunter Valley.

Best Hot Water Systems in Canberra and Newcastle

If you are looking for a new hot water system replacement or planning a new hot water installation in Canberra and Newcastle, it can be tricky when you are not familiar with the hot water brands that most Australians swear by. In no particular order, we have listed the famous models and makes from hot water manufacturers.

What are Drains Made of?

At some stage in your life, you may have encountered issues with blocked drains within or your plumbing system. Your plumber or blocked drains specialist might have pointed out that the old pipes are damaged and need urgent replacement or that your pipes are made of good material and minimal intervention is required such as patching or relining will solve the issue.

Blocked Drains Rise Due to Toilet Paper Shortage - What Can You Do About it?

We are currently in the middle of the  “toilet paper crisis” due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.  There are reported toilet paper fights in shopping centres as toilet papers get wiped out off the racks. Now, people are flushing items down the drains that really should never be flushed. Due to the large amounts of foreign objects being used instead of toilet paper, we are currently seeing a spike in the number of blocked toilets.