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Meet Samantha - A Badass Personal Trainer With Attitude

Looking For a Little Fitness With a Side of Kick Butt?

Samantha is an aspiring model and actress doing this personal training gig part-time before she makes it to the big time. We have no doubt that she will make quite a splash across the big screen! Can someone look the part any better, give us your feedback. Fitness specialists at Busy Bee Fitness Experts are listed on the personal trainers page on our website. The goals one is able to achieve with a coach are much more expedient and precise than doing it on your own. Most studies show that it increases efficiency by 70%, which definitely makes it a worthwhile investment in yourself for people that are serious in making a change.


Looking extra chiseled for her fitness photoshoot.

Looking extra chiseled for her fitness photoshoot.

It takes a lot of hard work, motivation and dedication to get to this point. Talk to someone who is able to achieve results like this and find our what makes them tick. What do they do that makes them stick to a routine? Ask questions and don't be afraid.


Where To Go For Amazing Personal Trainers

Where To Go For Amazing Personal Trainers

It's Really Not That Easy

In a city as big as Toronto, you would think there would be a ton of options for finding excellent personal trainers. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. Yes, there are many of them out there but not necessarily for the quality of specialists one would hope to find. We take our clients seriously and have found the best in the area to get you the results you deserve. Samantha is an aspiring model and actress and working as a personal trainer full-time at the moment to help get her through acting school. She's extremely motivated in her personal life, works out five days a week, is currently keto, and has a huge following on social media. For more information on Samantha and other experts, please contact us directly with your requests.

In Home Personal Trainer Toronto - Busy Bee Fitness Experts

In home personal trainers in Toronto. A little inspirational fitness video from our personal trainers. Busy Bee Fitness Experts

Personal Trainer Toronto

Busy Bee Fitness Experts Toronto personal trainer specialists have you covered to reach your full potential in all areas of your life. We take a holistic approach to each persons individual needs, all at an affordable cost to you.


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It's nice to feel good in your skin and to feel stronger. Baylee has perfected the art of push and pull, utilizing her knowledge of compound movements to maximize exercises. You'll never see anyone quite as toned for someone that only sticks to the fundamentals of bodybuilding.


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Roxanne takes a hard hitting approach to getting stronger. Boxing is great cardio work and also incorporates a lot of strength in your arms, shoulders, legs, and core. Beyond those initial benefits, it's also a pretty fun and exciting workout to do with a partner or coach.

Lunges With Stability Ball

Lunges using a stability ball is a great way to work the glutes, quads, hamstrings and for core activation. Knees and shoulders are in alignment with the rest of your body to bring it to a stretch and work the glutes.

  • Whether you are interested in strength training or overall fitness, in-home personal training is a great option for everyone. Having a personal trainer come to you can be vital for the majority of people who find it difficult to stay motivated towards an exercise regimen. One aspect of maintaining a consistent lifestyle change is to merge fitness and nutrition into one program, detailing the best methods. Adhering to this kind of individual approach has been proven to provide the overall best changes for long term health and wellness. Get in touch with the experts to discuss how to enroll for a fit new you, no matter your starting level. Fun and challenging couples workouts are also provided.

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