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Updated by Michael Hackard on Oct 07, 2019
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5 Things to Know About Trust & Estate Litigation

Estate and trust litigation can be tough - it takes time, energy and money to successfully protect beneficiary rights. What do you need to know?

California Trust Beneficiaries | 5 Lessons for 2019 | Hackard Law

You're the beneficiary of a trust in California. You want to ensure that the distribution of trust assets is smooth...

Do California Licensed Fiduciaries Put You First? | Aggrieved Beneficiaries | Hackard Law

Do California licensed fiduciaries put you first? They should - this is what the law says. This is their duty. The law says...

The Wolf at the Door: Undue Influence and Elder Financial Abuse

Elder financial abuse is a crime that is severely underreported; according to a 2003 study from the National Institute of Health, only about 7 percent of all elder abuse cases ever come to the attention of authorities. The damage to our families, local communities, and economy is substantial. A MetLife study from 2011 cost at nearly $3 billion a year, while other researchers have set the figures several times higher. This book helps families, caregivers, and professionals who work with and around elders to understand what elder financial abuse is, how to identify it when it happens, and what to do about it.

Alzheimer's, Widowed Stepmothers & Estate Crimes: Cause, Action, and Response in Cases of Fractured Inheritance, Lost...

The statistics are eye-opening: A half-million new cases of Alzheimer’s are diagnosed each year in the United States, and nearly 6 million Americans are currently living with the disease. Compounding this tragedy is the fact that every person with Alzheimer’s or dementia is a potential victim of inheritance-related exploitation. The two scourges go hand in hand, each year leading to tens of thousands of lawsuits and billions of dollars in fraud, lost inheritance, and disinheritance.
Alzheimer’s, Widowed Stepmothers & Estate Crimes is an invaluable guide for the millions of Americans who are struggling with cognitively impaired family members and inheritance-related conflicts.

Trust Beneficiary Delayed Distributions | Contingency Fees | Hackard Law

Whether it's nonchalance, contempt, self-interest or ignorance, delayed trust beneficiary distributions can be truly distressing...