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Top 10 Things to Do in Chongqing – For a great vacation

One of the most populous municipalities of China, Chongqing lies at the intersection of the Yangtze and Jialing Rivers in central China. Here is how you could explore its history and natural endowments.


Fengdu County

This is sometimes spookily referred to as the Ghost City as it is dedicated to the afterlife based on the doctrines of Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism. The shrines, statues and structures depict what a human being is subject to post his or her life on Earth. Though Fengdu County has been in existence for centuries, the river cruise that carries tourists to the area is a recent addition.


The Natural Bridges

Named after three dragons that appear in Chinese mythology, the natural limestone bridges are located close to one another. They are renowned heritage sites and can be accessed via a glass elevator and sedan chairs.



The ancient town of Ciqikou where porcelain was made in abundance is not far from the city or the most prominent accommodation in Chongqing. Spend an afternoon sightseeing, buying souvenirs and eating at traditional restaurants.


Mount Jinfo

Take a day's tour away from Citadines Taoyuanju Chongqing to one of the highest peaks in the area for an energizing climb. Jinfo means 'Golden Buddha' and is said to have a silhouette similar to that of a seated Buddha statue during sunsets.


Dazu Rock Carvings

The influence of Buddhism and other religions that are or were present in China are evident in the carvings that adorn the caves. Historians have reason to believe that these carvings have been in existence for well over a millennium.


Eling Park

Slightly away from the town, this evergreen park is just what the doctor prescribed for your tired and hurried soul. The silence and profound connection you establish with nature will help you gather your thoughts and concentrate on you while tuning out the world.


Black Mountain Valley

Gurgling waters pass between resplendent slopes creating a breathtaking scenery that is both rare and unique. A wooden walkway has been erected along the bank and is frequented by many on a daily basis. Electric coaches are used to transport people to and from the site as fumes and smoke are discouraged in the area.


Zhang Fei Temple

It is believed that the Zhang Fei Temple gained its present form over a number of years at the hands of multiple rulers, which clearly explains its massive size and somewhat different architecture. It has a huge collection of statues and religious artefacts which have been created by different dynasties.


Snowy Jade Cave

The stalactites that hug the ceiling glisten in a shade of jade. The cave is a part of a complex and significant ecosystem that is home to rare species of animals. The trip to the snow cave can be coupled with Fengdu City as they are quite close to each other.


Chaotianmen Bridge

Finally, for some modern-day architecture at this long arched railroad bridge which plies over the River Yangtze. It is quite an eye-catching site due to the steel design that swivels itself around the link and embodies the creativity and skill of the Chinese engineer.